Zelda Mae is a sim from the game The Sims 3 who was recreated and is also in The Sims 4. She is a young adult sim and a major character in Al's playthrough of the game. Just like her Sims 3 counterpart, she ended up hooking up with Steven Duggart and joined the Duggart household.


Zelda first appears in episode 23 when both Steven and Bobby go over to her house to meet her. Steven and Zelda immediately begin hitting it off, although the conversation goes south when Steven tries to flirt with her and he rejects her advances. The two later reconcile and become friends. She is later seen saying goodbye to Steven as he leaves her house.

She is invited over to the house in episode 24 by Steven. She shows up in her underwear, although changes into her clothes as soon as Steven approaches. After speaking with both Bobby and Steven, she goes home, saying she had fun.

Steven visits Zelda at her house in episode 25, in which the two converse about the death of millions of people thanks to a meteor. The two later share their first kiss and then go on a date to a local bar. Zelda and Steven openly flirt with each other in the establishment. Zelda and Steven then begin officially dating. They then head back to Steven's house and woohoo for the first time. After spending the night at the Duggart house, she goes home, although returns a few minutes later and tries for a baby with Steven again.

In the following episode, while still at the Duggart house, Steven proposes to her, only for Zelda to reject him. She then goes home. After returning to the house later in the episode, it is revealed that she got pregnant and Steven and her are soon going to be parents. Steven then asks her to move in with him, and she accepts.


  • As soon as Zelda and Steven first met, their bodies glitched into one another and created a terrifying four-armed creature. Bobby watched this event with horror in his eyes.
    • They then glitched together for a second time during her first time over to the Duggart house.
  • She has the Romantic trait.
  • Zelda believes that there are dinosaurs in heaven.

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