Zelda Mae (The Sims 3)

Steven Duggart's soul mate

Zelda Duggart (née Mae) is a pre-made character in The Sims 3. She is a main character in Al's playthrough of the Sims 3 and is the wife of Steven Duggart. 

About ZeldaEdit

Zelda Mae was the wife of Steven Duggart. Zelda has the traits Flirty, Party Animal, Childish, Green Thumb, and Easily Impressed. Steven and her had their first date at the hospital in the town, where he left her alone after seeing a deer pass by. Zelda and Steven finally shared a kiss for the first time in episode 29. They became engaged in episode 46. Zelda also has a habit of breaking things over at the Duggart household, as she's previously broken both the television and the computer. She joined the Duggart household in episode 47 and is now living on the second floor with Steven. Similar to how Bobby was on fire, she was set on fire due to the explosive round Bobby shot at a zombie in episode 55, but was soon extinguished. Zelda threw a bachelorette party in episode 64, kicking her fiancee Steven out of the house and partying with fairies and strippers dressed as firemen. Her career was changed by Bobby time traveling in the past from music to education in episode 65, although she has no qualifications for the job. After turning into an old woman, her and Steven were moved out of the Duggart house in episode 70 and into their own little house upon on a hill.

In episode 131, as revealed by an in-game message, Zelda died of old age.

R.I.P Zelda Mae-Duggart

Episode 10 - 131


  • She met Steven in episode 10, where she danced with him at his birthday party.
  • In episode 25, she watched Harold Duggart die  at Bobby's birthday party then immediately left, but she said she had a good time.
  • She was not the first love interest, as Al hadn't invested much time in Steven and usually just sent him on a date with whoever asked. However, Steven quickly became interested in Zelda on their first date, which thus forced Al to actually play as Steve to get him and Zelda together. 
  • She is a skilled guitar player, although no where as good as Harold was. 
  • She and Steven both seem to enjoy art.
  • Zelda may be an escaped mental patient as she once pretended her hands were puppets and screamed to herself about fish, though Steven does not seem to mind.
  • Upon Al's wishes, Steven and Zelda finally woohooed her in episode 39 in the second story of the house, specifically built so Steven could bang Zelda. 
  • Zelda, along with Harold, were both suspected to be the guitar player in Fallout: New Vegas Mod Zombie Nation because the music sounded similar with their's and the music of the mod.
  • Al seems to avoid marrying or having a baby with Zelda due to Steven's commitment issues trait. 
  • In episode 40, Waffles met with Zelda at the pool and watched as she got surrounded and then splashed by about seven different men. 
  • Zelda serenaded Steven with Harold's guitar in episode 42, although she was abruptly cut off by Waffles wanting to chase her. 
  • Zelda was asked by Steven to marry him in episode 46 and she happily said, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!"
  • She rejected Steve's proposal to get married in episode 50 during the wedding party, which left Steven feeling pretty embarrassed.
  • Zelda may have a slight obsession with hot dogs, which can be taken from the amount of times she makes and eats them.
  • Al mentioned bringing back Zelda and having her and Steven get married in both episode 17 and 18 of his Sims 4 - The Duggarts! playthrough. He, however, forgot that he wanted to do this and ended up setting the new Duggart house on fire instead.

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