Wolf Guy
"That's the end of that".

Original Mod

Werewolf Suit




Formerly Human, Wolf

First Appearance

Wasteland Defense 2 - Part 1

Last Appearance

New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas




Business Radroaches




Temporary Companions

Wolf Guy is a temporary companion Al acquired that was used to display the Werewolf Suit mod he downloaded. It seems that the suit has morphed him into an actual wolf however, and he is unable to take the costume off. 

Origin Edit

Wolf guy made his first appearance in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Wasteland Defense 2 - Part 1. He is very similar to a werewolf, his stance is usually crouched, but has the ability to be bipedal. He has a tan and brown coat of fur, glowing jade green eyes, and sharp white teeth. In the episode, Wolf Guy kept sneaking up on Al, which displeased Al because he got uncomfortably close and got in Al's way. When reviewing the M56 Smart Gun, Al placed the gun on the ground so he could examine the textures, during this time Wolf Guy sneaked up and slapped the M56 Smart Gun into the lake, which caused Al to become angry and restrain Wolf Guy via Groovatron.

Later in the episode, Wolf Guy performed fellatio on Al, in which Al did not approve. Shortly afterwards, Wolf Guy snuck up on Al yet again. This time, Al snapped and made Wolf Guy play Hello Kitty guitar. The melody played had mixed reviews by Al's companions.

Appearances Edit

He appeared again in The Return of Janet as part of a task force formed by the NCR to help Al in his assault on the Business Radroaches' base. He helps fight off several hordes of the creatures and follows the rest of the group deeper in to the base. He is not seen inside the Business Radroach base for the rest of the montage however, until the ending clip when he is celebrating with the others over their victory. 

Wolf Guy makes a final appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, having been captured by the Business Radroaches and the Radios. He is eventually freed by Al and assists him in taking down the Business Radroaches in the bunker before leaving with the rest of Al's secondary companions, heading out into the wasteland while Al promises to save the Mojave. 


  • Wolf Guy, despite being forced to play the guitar as a punishment, is actually quite good at it and is seen playing at the end of Janet's rescue during the montage.
    • He may be taking guitar lessons.

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