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"They robbed me! Bastards."

Original Mod

Willow - A Better Companion Experience





First Appearance

Willow Companion - Part 1


JT (Pet)


Business Radroaches
The Pencil Police
Dinky the Dinosaur




Temporary Companions

Willow is a temporary companion who is first encountered in Fallout New Vegas: Willow Companion - Part 1 and has traveled with Al on a few occasions. She was confirmed dead during Al's Vilja mod review. Her cause of death: Being "shot in the mouth".


Willow first appeared as Al's companion during a mod review showcasing her. Al started to get annoyed by Willow over time because she talks so much. In later parts of the review Willow gives Al some Teddy Bear Bombs. Al throws one not knowing it's power and accidentally kills Rex. Al becomes very angry with Willow especially when she interrupts him mourning Rex. She says I am going to do something for you and something to you. Then starts dancing around in the nude. Al censored it. But then Willow engaged sexual interaction and Al states things like "Oh Jesus!" and "That was awkward."

She returned from the dead - kinda, as she appeared in Part 19 of Al's Fallout New Vegas Playthrough. She served him loyally (and annoyingly) as a companion until he left her and Niner outside of New Vegas in Part 34 of Al's Fallout New Vegas Playthrough.

In Part 38 of Al's Fallout New Vegas Playthrough, he brings her back and they continue on their adventure.

In the end credits of the FNV Modded Playthrough, Willow found a shack in the wasteland where she began an animal shelter. She reportedly still makes love to brahmin to this day.


  • During the Hotel Baby Fourfer Mod Series at around 13:27, Willow didn't have any pants on for a few seconds after Al was forced to disable the armor mod he had on. Neither did Arcade Gannon.
  • She greatly annoys Al, whether it be her singing or just talking to her.
  • Al says in a video that he may have to kill her. He also says that Willow is never coming back in the Badlands review. This statement is contradicted though: during a split second of the Jerry & Cuddles Birthday Adventure! , Willow sits up. Its confirmed by Al during Skyrim mods: Vilja that she was shot in the head and killed.
  • During the The Return of Janet it was revealed that her and Li'l V0ci have a thing for each other.
  • During Al's Fallout: New Vegas Modded Playthrough, Al implied that Willow and Niner currently have a sexual relationship together.
  • Also during Al's Fallout: New Vegas Modded Playthrough, he revealed that she may secretly have herpes or crabs
  • In part 77 of Al's Fallout: New Vegas Playthrough, Mister Cuddlesworth is seen looking at Willow and Al says "Not yet, not yet. Later. That's when we take her out." This may have something to do with Willow's death.

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