"A quick mod review" -Alchestbreach

Wasteland Defense is the name of a  Fallout New Vegas mod. Your main objective in the mod is to create a full fledged town in the Mojave Wasteland.

Appearence in Al's VideosEdit

Al originally had intended for a Wasteland Defence series to be a short one, and released a 5 part playthrough. Al kept returning to the mod, however, and soon enough had dubbed it "The Never Ending Series". It currently has 32 parts.

The first video: New Vegas Mods:Wasteland Defense Part 1

The mod page: Wasteland Defense by Elderwind


  • Buzz makes his first (and most likely last) appearance in an actual series here.
  • Al modified the sound file in the mod so that whenever he places something from the mod his voice saying "Buildin' buildings here!" is heard.
  • There is a Skyrim version of the mod known as Tundra Defense.
  • Gordon Freeman makes his first appearance in Al's videos here.
  • Al released a three part series in which he has to defend The Wasteland Defense School Students and Mr. Dorinsonsons. For some reason, he did not number these as a part of the whole series.

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