The War of the Breach is a war taking place primarily in the Mojave Wasteland and occasionally in surrounding or other areas by a Coalition of Allies against the Radio-Radroach Alliance. It takes place anywhere from 2281-2287 (Technically 2277-2287 if the F3 reviews are taken into consideration) and is still technically ongoing due to Ronald Dillenger's rebel faction continuing to fight the Buisiness Radroach-Radio Alliance in an effort to prolong the war as much as humanly possible, despite Alchestbreach being sent into exile, while the rest of the Coalition either withdrew (NCR and Legion) or Capitulated (New Vegas and its surrounding cities and towns, Alchestbreach's allies/companions, Mr. House.).


The War of the Breach first started in an early mod review of FNV done by Al where there was a radio playing while he was reviewing a house mod. Al commented that he was going to install a mod that'd allows players to destroy radios. Stating if he destroys them he can't get copyright strikes.

The war also technically started in 2277 during the Mother Ship Zeta Crew mod review, where Al (While visiting the Soviet Union) was greeted by the Soviet National Anthem playing (very loudly), causing him to get a copy right strike when he uploaded the video, possibly leading to his hatred of radios.


|forces1 =NCR Army |forces2 =AlChestBreach Clones
Business Radroaches |casualties1 =Alchestbreach:
200+ Chumpkin Clones, The Purr, aRid, various other companions
New California Republic: Entirety of NCR troopers stationed at New Vegas, and possibly Camp McCarran. (Around 400)
Caesar's Legion: Unknown, at least half done by Al
Radios: Massive Radio Casualties done by Al (700-800) |casualties2 =Radios: Massive Radio Casualties done by Al (700-1000), Minimal-Moderate by NCR (20-100)
Business Radroaches:Massive Causalities done by Al (800-1000), Moderate causalities done by NCR (80-100) |part of = |previous = |concurrent = |Box title = War of the Breach}}

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