War of the Breach


Mojave Wasteland
New Vegas




Ongoing (Currently a Business Radroach-Radio victory)
Alchestbreach Exiled to Commonwealth, Alchestbreach Companions Brainwashed, New Vegas taken over by Radroach-Radios

Party 1

  • Alchestbreach and Allies (Until 2287)
  • New California Republic (Until 2287)
  • Caesar's Legion (Until 2287, not allied)
  • The King's (Possibly still active or in a truce)
  • Mister House's Trade Empire (Up until he was killed and replaced by Cunty Mclean sometime between 2286-2287)
  • Rebel Factions (After 2287)
  • Alchestbreach Remnants
  • People of New Vegas (Until 2287)

Party 2

  • Business Radroaches
  • Radios
  • People of New Vegas (After 2287)

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