WALL-E is one of the robots Al has created in a livestream.

Origin Edit

WALL-E is first created at the Robot Workbench for the Automatron Fallout 4 Add-On. WALL-E was created as a request from one of the viewers of the livestream along with Chef Ballarms.

Automatron Build Edit

  • Special Mods
    • No Special Mods
  • Torso
    • Mr. Handy Torso
      • Top Actuated Frame
      • Front Hydraulic Frame
      • Rear Hydraulic Frame
      • No Eye
      • No Left Eye
      • No Right Eye
      • No Misc Torso Mod
  • Left Arm
    • Protectron Left Arm
      • No Left Arm Armor
      • Left Hand Vice Grip
      • No Left Hand Armor
  • Right Arm
    • Protectron Right Arm
      • No Right Arm Armor
      • Right Hand Vice Grip
      • No Right Hand Armor
  • Legs
    • Robobrain Treads
      • No Mid Armor
  • Voice
    • Bleep Bright Voice
  • Paint
    • Yellow Paint

Trivia Edit

  • WALL-E is based on another robot from a post-apocalyptic Pixar movie of the same name.
  • Despite his size in the thumbnail, he is actually scaled down to 0.5 in the video.
  • Al would let him fight Mechanist robots by himself, but often he would break down.
  • Another WALL-E robot character, E.V.E., was made in the Mechanist's Lair, again by the request of the viewers.
  • Occasionally Al will play a sound clip of the original WALL-E saying his name or his own imitation when around him.
  • His original name is Automatron-559.