Very Annoying Fiend getting shot by Al.

Very annoying fiend appeared in: Fallout New Vegas Modded - Part 144. He annoyed AlChestBreach with his continuous and annoying words. Al soon disintegrated him with a modified laser rifle.

Origin Edit

He was born in the slums of New Jersey, and heard tales of the city untouched by the holocaust, New Vegas. He then packed his stuff and made his way across the United States wasteland. When he had arrived in the Mojave, he had no money and couldn't get into New Vegas. In order to get money for a pass, he joined the Westside Security to help fend off the Fiends. One day, a raid had taken out most of the guards, and he was kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into a chem fueled murdering drone, unaware of his life before he was brainwashed.


  • He shouldn't have looked out the window. 
  • If you snort his ashes, you get REALLY fucked up.  

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