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Vanessa Follower





First Appearance

Alien Resurrection - Part 1


Whiskey Fiends


  • Aliens




Main Companions

Vanessa is a temporary turned main companion Al first found in Moriarty's Saloon during Fallout 3 Mods: Alien Resurrection - Part 1. She enjoys alcohol and warns Al to keep his focus on the mission, not on her ass.


Vanessa is obtained at the beginning of the mod review, already following Al. He hopes that she will not be annoying like these other female companions, such as Janet and Willow, or else he may have to shoot her.

The group; Al, Woof Bot, and Vanessa, all make their way to Rivet City to begin their quest mod. After unintentionally angering the residents of Rivet City, Al reloaded and began asking questions about his current objective. Vanessa followed him and while they completed the quest, Al warned her of a possible magnet monster. She is alive at the end of the mod review.

Appearances Edit

Vanessa makes another appearance in Fallout 3 Mods: Wasteland Hunters - Part 1, still accompanying Al as he helps some wasteland hunters kill creatures that populate the land for trade. She assists him as they fight super mutants, fire ants, and deathclaws. She is still with Al at the end of the mod review, implying she has become a main companion.

A Fallout: New Vegas version of her makes an appearance in New Vegas Mods: Vanessa - Part 1, in which Al finds her in the Goodsprings Saloon and makes him go on various quests for her to gather Whiskey, Stimpaks, and Med-X. She joins him after he does this.


  • Al thought her ass was flat and was worried her pants were going to fall.
  • She resembles Cass from New Vegas.
  • She is a doctor and can heal Al if he needs it.
  • Flanking the enemies is her style of combat when fighting.
  • She frequently burps while following Al, possibly from drinking too much alcohol.
  • Her New Vegas counter part can be found here .
  • Vanessa is the first female to be shown naked during Al's Fallout New Vegas reviews.
  • A lot of people prefer her Fallout 3 counterpart over the New Vegas one. The main reason for this preference is that the New Vegas version includes awkward sex scenes and perverted dialogue when speaking to Vanessa.

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