This page revolves around unexplained, and unknown things inside the Alchestbreach universe, and said mysteries are documented here until they are solved and moved some place else or removed entirely. There are 3 categories for this page. Mysteries being unsolved plot points from Al's montages, and other videos. Canonical Issues being meant for things that contradict already pre-stated information. And Minor Contradictions for smaller things, that do not covet any major plot points.


  • Mister House's death, or disapearance: In farewell for Vegas it is revealed Mr. House has been replaced by Cunt Mclean and the lucky 38 and the surrounding area of NV was taken over by the Buisiness Radroaches-Radio Alliance. But it is unknown if House died before the take over, if he was killed by Al, if he didn't die at all and either negotiated to work alongside the Radroaches and Radios (Due to the fact that he is a buisiness man, and they'd have something in common) or he disapeared from the mojave entirely either because he forsaw the rad roach threat and had himself smuggled away in order to save himself until he could get his securitron army working, and didn't alert Al due to Al's suprise Mr. House had been replaced with Cunty Mclean. Regardless of the reason Mr. House could still either be a key play in the wars to come or his actions could help provide a way to defeat the Radroach-Radio threat once and for all due to the fact that it is unknown if the Securatron army has been destroyed or activated yet. As if the securatron army is activated by either House or someone else it could possibly provide the fire support needed to retake New Vegas and keep a hold of it for good. Provided if the Radroach-Radio death siren is disabled first as it is shown to be able to kill or shut down humans and robots alike.
  • How exactly did that Dc-15s get to Earth? 

Canonical IssuesEdit

Minor ContradictionsEdit

  • Al is currently apart of two Enclaves, yet he was kidnapped by Enclave soldiers in Silent Hill and was attacked on sight by Enclave soldiers.
    • However, this may be a different splinter group (or the original Enclave itself, as they have Fallout 3 armor) who don't know about Al. 

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