"Two Guys and a Pitchfork" is the road gang of thugs created by Al and players; Sean and Machine Gun "Pitchfork" Joe in TuesDayZ - Road Gang! - Part 2.


During his travels in DayZ, Al finds Pitchfork alone in a building while trying to pinpoint the location of CB-429 (a mysterious figure who could somehow be heard by everyone) After exiting the building, the two find Sean, another DayZ player whom Al assumes to be new to the game. From then on, Al, Sean and Pitchfork find and attack every other player in the vicinity, racking up a total kill count of 4 unarmed, defenseless survivors. Al then declares the group, "Two Guys and a Pitchfork".

During the gang's travels, Pitchfork splits up the group to find supplies in nearby buildings, but is never heard from again. Meanwhile, Al and Sean encountered another player that entertained them at first, but soon proceeded to flip them off. After beating up and chasing the player repeatedly, Al and Sean agreed that he's had enough and invited him into the gang. From then on, the group went looking for Pitchfork, until Al disconnected from the server.


  • Al and the gang tended to be extremely aggressive against players who gave them the middle finger.
  • Although it was never mentioned in the gang, Al considered Pitchfork to be the leader of the group.

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