Tummy Sausage is the game company Al owns in his Game Dev Tycoon series. The company is well known for many Alchestbreach-esque type games with unusual names and a weird set-up, although the technology and consoles Al uses are outdated, the games still sell well.


Tummy Sausage began in Al's garage at his mother's house. The unknown company began publishing and creating games out of the ordinary, which began to snowball into what the company is known for today. Playing as the company, Al has currently been able to buy the company a large office room to use. His current employees are Heather, Joyce and Dennis; Dennis being his very first employee. He makes them do most of the research for new game genres, although he frequently calls Joyce a lazy bitch. The company has recently attended the game convention G3. Although they did not place within the top 100 booths, they were widely recognized and had over 90,000 fans attend their booth.

Games Created By Tummy Sausage Edit

  • Duck City (City/Simulation on PC)
  • The Bearded Cat (Spy/Adventure on G64)
  • Guyrim: The Elder Bowls (Medieval/RPG on G64)
  • Let's Be Jesus! (Ironically Evolution/Simulation on PC)
  • Metal Bird Magic! (Airplane/Simulation on PC)
  • Spider Ship From Space (Aliens/Action on TES/Gobort V1.0)
  • Let's Kill Grandpa! (Time Travel/Adventure on G64/Gobort V1.0)
  • Tiger Marines? (Space/Adventure on G64/Gobort V1.0)
  • Duck City 2: Time to Quack (City/Simulation on PC/Gobort V1.0)
  • Kiss My Sister (Romance/Simulation on PC/Gobort V1.0)
  • Fat Cigar Man! (Government/Simulation on PC/Gobort V1.0)
  • Wolf Basement (Werewolf/Adventure on Vena Gear/Gobort V1.0)
  • Moon School! (Space/Action on Vena Oasis/Gobort V1.0)
  • Knights of Turtonia (Fantasy/RPG on PC/Gobort V1.0)
  • Hair We Go! (Werewolf/RPG on PC/Gobort V1.0)
  • Jets In My Ass (Airplane/Simulation on PC/Gobort V1.0)
  • Tentacle Timmy (Aliens/Action on Super TES/Gobort V1.0)
  • Brick Structure Simulator (City/Simulation on PC/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • From Russia With Hugs (Spy/Adventure on Super TES/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Game Dev Tycoon (Game Dev/Simulation on PC/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Pretzel Dragon (Fantasy/RPG on Super TES/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Dirt Ships (Space/Strategy on PC/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Mace Fist (Fantasy/RPG on Super TES/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Scratchy Tentacles (Aliens/Action on Playsystem/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Chicken Wings! (Airplane/Simulation on PC/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Supernova Vagina (Aliens/Action on TES 64/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Fat Cigar Man 2: The Puff Rubbers (Government/Simulation on PC/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Revolver Kitty (Wild West/Action on Playsystem/Hot Bread V1.0)
  • Guyblivion: The Elder Bowls (Medieval/RPG on PC/Firetruck 3)
  • Oops My Tentacle! (Aliens/Action on Playsystem 2/Firetruck 3)
  • Warf The Wolf (Werewolf/RPG on Playsystem 2/Firetruck 3)
  • Fallout:Space! (Aliens/RPG on PC/Firetruck 3)
  • Catspionage (Spy/RPG on Playsystem 2/Firetruck 3)
  • Werewolf City Planner (Werewolf/Strategy on PC/Firetruck 3)
  • Indiana The Banana (Comedy/Action Adventure on mBox/Firetruck 3)
  • Guy: The Elder Bowls (Medieval/RPG on Playsystem/Firetruck 3)
  • Whoops Gonna Crash! (Airplane/Simulator on PC/Firetruck 3)
  • Dragon Me Baggins (Fantasy/RPG on Playsystem 2/Firetruck 3)
  • Fat Cigar Man 3: My Lungs (Government/Simulation on PC/Firetruck 3)
  • Bum Furnace (Comedy/Adventure on Playsystem 2/Firetruck 3)
  • Jupiter Crabs (Sci-Fi/Action on mBox 360/Firetruck 3)
  • Face Lickers! (Aliens/Action on mBox 360/Engordion 4.0)
  • Dragon Poker (Fantasy/RPG on mBox 360/Engordion 4.0)
  • Cat Teachers (School/Strategy on PC/Engordion 4.0)
  • No More Grass (Post-Apocalyptic/RPG on mBox 360/Engordion 4.0)
  • Grown Up Babies (City/Simulation on PC/Engordion 4.0)
  • The Slap of Justice! (Superhero/Action on Playsystem 3/Engordion 4.0)
  • The Zims (Life/Simulation on PC/Engordion 4.0)
  • Dungeon Thrust (Fantasy/RPG on mBox 360, PC, and Playsystem 3/Engordion 4.0)
  • Headcrab Diaries (Comedy/Adventure on mBox 360 and Playsystem 3/Engordion 4.0)
  • Diaper Generals (Military/Simulation Strategy on PC/Engordion 4.0)
  • Turkey Race (Racing/Casual on grPad/Engordion 4.0)
  • Cave Slammer (Fantasy/RPG on PC and mBox One/Engordion 4.0)
  • Metropolopolion (City/Simulation on PC/Engordion 4.0)
  • Baby Ninja (Martial Arts/Adventure on GS/Engordion 4.0)
  • Mommas Got Stripes (Prison/Casual on OYA, grPad, and grPhone/Engordion 4.0)
  • Comet Blower (Aliens/RPG on mBox One/Engordion 4.0)
  • Doctor Scotch (Hospital/Simulation on PC/Engordion 4.0)
  • Z-Earth (Zombies/Action on mBox Next/Supernova 8.0)
  • Great Scott! (Time Travel/RPG on Playsystem 5/Supernova 8.0)
  • Kermit Space Program (Space/Simulation on PC/Supernova 8.0)
  • Super Internet Highway Robbery (Hacking/Simulation on PC/Supernova 8.0)
  • Great Scott! Again! (Time Travel/RPG on mBox Next and Playsystem 5/Supernova 8.0)
  • Hitler's President (Alternative History/Action on mBox Next and Playsystem 5/Supernova 8.0)
  • Ohh Deer! (Hunting/Simulation on mBox Next and PC/Supernova 8.0)
  • Makin' Babies! (Life/Adventure on Wuu/Supernova 8.0)
  • Judge Fun! (Law/Adventure on GS/Supernova 8.0)
  • Electric Mohawk! (Cyberpunk/RPG on PC/Supernova 8.0)
  • Dust Hat (Wild West/RPG on PC/Supernova 8.0)
  • Shuffle Scuffle (Zombies/Action MMO on PC/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Arghh Me Cannon Balls (Pirate/Adventure on GS/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Twerk Jerk (Music/Action on PC/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Shuffler Punch (Zombies/Action MMO on PC/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Stalin's President (Alternative History/Action on mBox Next, Dogalpon, and PC/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • That's Not A Plane! (UFO/Strategy on PC/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Space Shuffle (Zombies/Action MMO on PC/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Push My Face Darling! (Romance/Adventure on Dogalpon/Dogalpond 5.0)
  • Sergeant Explosion (Military/Action MMO on PC/Dogalpond 5.0)


  • Al originally played Game Dev Tycoon during an Indie Sunday, although after finishing State of Decay, he decided to continue playing this game on Tuesdays in its place.
  • Fat Cigar Man was the game that sent Tummy Sausage from one guy in his parent's garage into a fully integrated company. The game received perfect reviews and sold re-playability.
  • After Steve Gabrolton was awarded for his contributions to the gaming community, Tummy Sausage games became more and more bizarre. Nobody knows what happened but some believe Gabrolton suffered from some form of mental illness that eventually consumed him.
  • Tummy Sausage developed their own mock-off of the widely popular "Steam" game distribution system entitled "Grid".

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