Crazy 'DayZ' - Part 1 - All By Myself20:04

Crazy 'DayZ' - Part 1 - All By Myself

The first TuesDayZ episode.

TuesDayZ is a series featuring Al as he plays the DayZ standalone.

The SeriesEdit

Al originally uploaded a 40 second video of a random encounter while he was playing the Dayz standalone. Due to requests from fans to begin playing the game, and the fact that Tuesday had not had a set series since Al's playthrough of Game Dev Tycoon he began uploading his series. Originally titled "Crazy DayZ", Al has been uploading episodes ever since. 


Due to the nature of DayZ and Al's special play style, he has reincarnated as several new characters, all with their own unique personalities. He has also ran into several other players, which have been both Al's friends and enemies. Here is a list of characters (and groups of characters) which appear during his playthroughs.

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