Tudd gurpkin elder

Tudd Gurpkin, known by Al as Coach McGuirk, (A reference to the animated series, "Home Movies") is a friend and neighbor of Harold Duggart and is on good terms with the rest of the Duggart family. He is a recurring character in Al's playthrough of The Sims 4.


He first appears in episode 3, randomly passing by Bobby on the streets. Bobby stops him and they begin talking about jumping and bathing their skin on the sun. After talking about candy, Bobby runs home.

In episode 11, he tags along with Harold when invited to the local playground and watches him play guitar for a few minutes before leaving to play chess. He is then seen embracing a man, although returns to his home right after Harold leaves. He visits the household the next day, although doesn't get asked to come inside and exits the front porch. He also calls Harold later that day, but the phone call is declined.

In episode 12, Tudd visits the household three times within a few hours, being denied entry every time.

He aged into an elder sometime between episode 12-15. 

He visits the Duggart household again in episode 18, wanting to check out their new outdoor bathroom.  


  • He is one of the two sims who makes frequent visits over to the Duggart house. The second was Future Bobby before his death.
  • Despite wearing gym-like clothing, he is rather out of shape and most likely possesses the Lazy trait.
  • He is the third character from Al's Sims playthrough who is called by a self-enforced nickname rather than a real name; in this case, Coach McGuirk. The first character was Stindy Motley, who he frequently called Honey Boo Boo from his Sims 3 series and the second character was GooBorp Motley, who he calls Daft Punk from the same series.
  • He may be a pedophile. In his first appearance, when talking to Bobby, he tries to lure him into his house with the promise of candy multiple times. Following this, in episode 18, when checking the small outdoor house, he comments that he can see Bobby taking a bath through the large window.

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