Tops is a Mr. Handy Al built in the last part of the Automatron playthrough. He has also been seen in livestreams following his appearance.

Origin Edit

In Fallout 4 - Automatron - Part 6 - Extreme Clamps! after Al killed Jezebel in Sanctuary Hills and demonstrated the Tesla Rifle's mods, he demonstrated the command for the robots built with Automatron.

Appearances Edit

Tops later appeared in Stream - Fallout 4 - Robo Mods and WALL-E in the Mechanist's Lair, among Ada and Extreme Clamps.

Automatron Build Edit

  • Special Mods
    • Unknown Special Mod
  • Torso
    • Mr. Handy Torso
      • Top Factory Armor
      • Front Merciless Serrated Plate
      • Rear Merciless Serrated Plate
      • Eye Warmonger Serrated Plate
      • No Left Eye
      • No Right Eye
      • Unknown Misc Torso Mod
  • Left Arm
    • No Left Arm
  • Right Arm
    • No Right Arm
  • Thruster Arm
    • Mr. Handy Arm
    • Mr. Handy Arm
    • Mr. Handy Arm
    • Arm Actuated Frame
    • Arm Barbaric Plate
    • Arm Barbaric Plate
    • Middle Hand Flamer
    • Left Hand Flamer
    • Right Hand Pincer
  • Legs
    • Mr. Handy Thruster
  • Voice
    • Male Processed Voice
  • Paint
    • No Paint