Todd Bacon
is the main character of The Sims With Al! - Todd Bacon - Part 1. Todd is an overweight adult man with red hair and a beard. He lives in a swamp in a rundown wooden house in Sunset Valley. He loves bacon, as well as writing books and was an aspiring author.


He spends most of his time in his house in episode 1, writing and painting while Al becomes a ghost and hovers around the town while trying to solve the case of the knocked over trash cans. He burns his food while cooking at the end of episode 1, resulting in a fire. He instantly dies at the beginning of episode 2. The Grim Reaper then sends him to the afterlife. Al later takes control of the Koal family, who are related to Kimmy from The Duggart series.

R.I.P Todd Bacon

Episodes 1-2


  • He is the only main character in The Sims With Al! to die within 2 episodes of being started.
  • He was originally used by Al in his spare time.
  • Despite being overweight, he had a sixpack.

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