The Sims With Al or Sims Saturday was original on Misc Monday. Al created Henry Duggart, Steven Duggart, and Harold Duggart also known as The Duggarts  They also have two pets; Gumbo and Waffles which is later on in the series. He posted two videos on the Sims and the fans wanted more, so he created this. The Sims with Al or Sims Saturday is posted every Saturday on his channel. He comically interacts with his family members; which is a part of his style of Let's Playing. An example would be on his first Sims video. 


Misc. Monday! - The Sims 3 - Part 1-0

Watch 2:15 - 2:50 to see the example.

During the Character Creation Screen, Al pressed the wrong button that cause the game to start with only one character created. Al went back to the character Creation Screen, full of anger from this mistake. The new Sim on the character screen gave Al a warm welcome, although he didn't appreciate it as his response was; was "Shut the fuck up". The series has 100+ episodes and is still going strong with the support of his fans. Al has also made a spinoff series called the The Sims with Al - Depressed Cop Edition (Click to View 1st Episode). Look at The Cop Family page for more information. That series is going on it's 14th episode and has the same amount of support.


The series follows the misadventures of the Duggart family. Many interesting and unexpecting things occur during their adventures. The series mainly revovles around one Henry "Bobby" Duggart, and his Uncle Steven and Grandpa, Harold. As life has progressed in the Duggart house, there have been many new additions to the family; Zelda Mae, Waffles Syrup, Gumbo Cat, Pudge Farks, the robot once known as Tomas; Mageru 5000-100, a replicant Harold, Kimmy, Oscar, and Bobby's son, Robbie. The craziness that goes on with their lives is spectacular, like dealing with annoying Horse People, along with murdering various maids, or just hitting on every lady in town. What else are they to do?

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