Jerry's return

He is back

The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry is a montage Al made in response of accidently killing Jerry with a grenade. Al must now go on a journey to resurrect a gooifide Jerry.


The story starts with Al bursting into tears at Jerry's funeral. Mr Cuddlesworth, Steve, Ballarms and Janet do not seem to care, however. He gives a speech about Jerry, and then checks his terminal to see how much support Jerry is getting. A kid writes "First" in the comments, so Al takes out "The Debugger" and kills him. He then finds a comment from a YouTuber by the name of "Jerry McGhoulBerry" who tells Al:

Dear AlChestBreach. What about V0ci, you stupid bastard? You could just go to him, and he could heal him. You stupid bastard. <3 you. 

- Jerry McGhoulBerry

P.S: Al's a Bastard.

Al gets overwhelmed in excitement about fixing Jerry, but then realizes that the others were distracted by Red light Green light, and lost Jerry's Goo remains. Al starts to think about the possible suspects, from Ronald Dillinger, to the maniacal Docter GarbageCan. But then Steve finally realizes it could be Doc Mitchell, so Al and the gang go to his house to see if he took Jerry's remains.

As they arrive at his house, Al starts question Doc Mitchell about Jerry's whereabouts. Doc Mitchell expresses his rage at Al, because he shoved All of his mods in his house. Al soon figure's out that he took Jerry, and he has to kill him. But the mods Al left in his house have made him over powered, so no one in Al's group can defeat him. Seeing that there is no other option, Al and the others run out the house. Scared, Al does not know what to do and begins to panic. Steve suggest that they transform into the Megazord, in which they do. Doc Mitchell runs out, and begins to grow due to his: Doc's Special New Milk!". He grows to an equal size as the Megazord, then he and Al have an all out war. In the end, the Megazord is victorious and Doc Mitchell explodes. They enter back into his house, and they find Jerry's remains in a matter of seconds.

After finding his remains, the group leave Goodsprings, and wait for V0ci to come take Jerry's remains and fix him. Unfortunately, as soon as V0ci arrives, he walks in front of Chumpkins, Chumpkins then explodes, sending V0ci flying into the Goodsprings Graveyard. Just as Al was about to lose hope, Little V0ci shows up and helps Al with his situation. They agree to meet at Doc Mitchells house to give Jerry back. Al then repeatedly insults his dog for how ugly he is. 

The next morning, the gang was sitting around, eating breakfeast, while Janet was throwing up. The doorbell rings, and Al finds out it was Jerry. The two friends have a moment of happiness, which ends when Jerry punches Al in the face, as he was the one responsible for his death in the first place. 

In the end, Jerry McGhoulBerry is reunited with his friends and all is right, except Al's nose. 

Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry 

Fallout New Vegas Mods: Deserters Fortress - Part 2 (The video he died in)