The Return Of Janet! (Photo 1)

Al giving his meaningless speech before the mission.

The Return of Janet is a New Vegas montage released on Feb. 22 in response to the 100,000 subscribers mark Al had hit earlier.

The montage follows Al and the gang as they try to foil a plot by the evil Business Radroaches.


The video begins with the Radroaches at their base, one of which converses with a radio about their plan. It cuts to Al, Ballarms, Cuddles, Jerry, and Steve raiding a nearby cave and killing a King Rat residing there. The gang is next found in Novac, where Als' thoughts of starting a basketball team are interrupted by knocking at the door. Stepping outside, he finds a holotape which reports a large group of Radroaches at a "moving dump truck or something". Killing the Radroaches outside, Al and Steve proceed inside.

Inside, they find a mini vertibird and a computer which Al presumes to be the main controls. The vertibird flies away before Al can try to control it and the computer initiates a self destruct sequence. Steve is able to turn it off and they escape.

They arrive at Camp McCarran and greet General Fintin. General Fintin at first is hesitant towards believing Al's story, stating: "Is it about the fuckin' roaches again?". Though he reluctantly changes his mind after they have to fight of a radroach assault (which is interrupted by a commercial for Dogalpon). Fintin then reveals a secret NCR operation to acquire super soldiers, all of which is made up of current or past companions of Al's, which includes; Gully, Proxima, Little V0ciWolf Guy, WillowHoovers, Desmond, Chumpkins, and Niner, who all decide to help Al.

The video cuts back to the Radroaches' base, where an escaped and pregnant Janet kills some Radroaches.

Back at McCarran, Al delivers a thoughtful and utterly useless speech. The team climbs in a bomber and head to the Radroaches base, on which Chumpkins is deployed as a bomb to blow up the base. With the outside defenses destroyed, they charge into the base and engage the Radroaches inside in a firefight, accompanied by classical music. Al finds Janet, who gives birth and causes Al to barf. Then realizing how cute it was afterwards, gives a quick speech to Janet.

Al sends Ballarms back in time to the Capital Wasteland, to chase after the radio that left in the beginning of the special. For an unknown reason, he sent his newborn child along with Ballarms.

After a dance party, a revelation that Little V0ci has a thing for Willow, and a joy ride, Al proceeds to give a summary of the events afterwards, and ends it pondering on where Ballarms is and what his son is doing right now. The montage ends with a cliffhanger of Als' son surveying Goodsprings. His son turns out to be AJ, contrary to the belief that Ronald Dillinger was.


  • This montage proves a relation between the Business Radroaches and the Radios.
  • The original release date was Feb. 20 but Al hadn't finished it yet. Wanting to put something up he uploaded what he had and referred to it as part one. It was taken down when the entire montage was uploaded.
  • This montage hints that the NCR's General Fintin may be racist and sexist.
  • The video was recently taken off of youtube in many countries because of a copyrighted song.
  • The video was reuploaded on January 18th, 2014.

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