The Reddings are a family created by Al in the game The Sims 3 who live in Isla Paradiso. They first appear in The Sims with Al! - The Reddings! - Part 1. The family currently consists of an elderly woman, her husband, a little girl, and a pet cat. Al plays as this family during the hiatus of The Duggarts and The Cop Family.

Family Members Edit

  • Abigail
    Abigail Redding

Abigail Redding is an elderly woman and the mother of Goldy Redding. She enjoys wearing a fake beard and gnome hat, indicating she may be into LARPing. She accompanies this with a Victorian-era dress. Her traits consist of Insane, Unlucky, Clumsy, Hot-Headed, and Irresistible. Her former husband was the Keebler Elf, or so Al says. Abigail's ultimate goal after the death of this husband, however, was to acquire a new partner to support the family financially. After improving her charisma skill in the first episode, Abigail went out in episode 2 and began asking residents of the town on dates where she, upon getting rejected, was able to witness a woman giving birth to a child and drove her to the hospital. She and Piproni take a ride to the art gallery in episode 3, where she instantly sets her sights on a man named Tariq Scott. The two go on a date and find true love with one another, which later causes the two to become married; Abigail ultimately only choosing him as her husband for all of his money. Unfortunately for her, it is revealed that Tariq is actually a gold digger just like her, and can not provide for the family. Abigail instantly regretted her agreement of the marriage, but took Tariq's 2000 simoleons as a consolation prize. In episode 4, she, along with Tariq, watched Goldy eat pancakes on the toilet of the bathroom. She also threw a birthday party for Goldy, where her and Tariq made out and woohooed in the shower. She was given an all-expense paid vacation in episode 5, leaving a grounded Goldy alone in the house.

  • Goldy-teen

    Goldy as a teen.

    Goldy Redding

Goldy Redding is a little girl and the daughter of Abigail Redding. Goldy was apparently born later in life, likely when Abigail aged into an elder. She had the traits Unlucky and Clumsy, although suffered from a delusion and now has the traits Unstable, Neat, Vegetarian, and Party Animal. Just like her mother, she enjoys dressing up as a half elf-half pirate. In the first episode, Al sent her out on the town because she was streaming videos illegally in the bathroom and Al was becoming annoyed with her. While out, she met an old man where she revealed to him that they, as a family, were poor and ate cardboard. She also told him that her mother was interested in men with mustaches and tried to set him up with her. Later, at her house, she began feeling 'out of sorts' after an encounter with another dimension upon waking up from sleep. She soon suffered from a personality swap from this feeling, and developed new traits. She acquired a knife during a trip to the bistro in episode 3, where she was instantly reprimanded, although didn't return the knife. It is also revealed that she is very studious, apparently wanting to be a lawyer. Whether this is part of her insanity or not is yet to be determined. She aged into a teenager in episode 4, where she ditched her pirate costume and enjoyed some cake. In episode 5, while visiting an old man, she was arrested for being out past her curfew, and was grounded.

  • Piproni
    Piproni Redding

Piproni Redding is small tangerine and white cat and is the household pet. He has the traits Adventurous, Neat, Destructive, and Friendly and enjoys running in the shapes of geometric objects. Abigail had apparently taken him from her former husband, along with all of his money and cookies. During the first episode, Piproni spent his time running in and out of the house and begging Al to buy him ice cream.This continues into the second episode, where he also drinks out of the toilet bowl for the first time. He also took a ride in a taxi with Abigail, where he joined F.B.I.'s most wanted list. His goal in life is to make sure no chairs survive in the Redding house, and a goal he is thus far succeeded admirably at. In episode 4, he inspected the new sim of the house, Tariq, and came to the conclusion that he was a witch.

  • Tariq Scott
    Tariq Redding

Né Tariq Scott, Tariq Redding is an adult sim who Abigail first meets at the local art museum. The two instantly fall in love, although Tariq is already married and a father. Despite this, he goes on a date with her and soon divorces his wife at Abigail's behest, choosing to move in with her instead as the two are madly in love with each others pocket books. He has the traits Loves to Swim, Sailor, Love the Outdoors, Inappropriate, and Angler. He is revealed to be a zombie in episode 3, although does not wish to tear Abigail limb from limb. In the same episode, he and Abigail get married, with Abigail under the belief that he was rich, when in reality, he is as poor as she is. In episode 4, he, along with Abigail, watched Goldy eat pancakes on the toilet of the bathroom.


  • The main goal of the series was to get Abigail multiple husbands to complete her Lifetime wish of Gold Digger. It is unknown what will happen once this is accomplished.
  • It is implied that Abigail may be transgendered/transsexual.
  • Goldy has an obsession with "doors that aren't really doors".
  • There may be a nuclear reactor in the middle of the town.
  • Tariq went to wizard school and is a wizard. He frequently practices spells inside of the house.
  • Piproni was stalked by a mugger during episode 3, although the mugger could probably tell how poor he was.
  • The family appears to be a matriarchy, as Abigail appears to be the head of the house due to Tariq taking on her surname.
  • During Episode 5 the old man Sheri visited offered to roll her a dooby and even gave her access to alchohol.
  • Tariq woohooed for the first time in episode 4 with Abigail in the shower.
  • The Reddings are referenced in The Duggarts Sims 4 edition of Al's playthrough in episode 8, where he names the dolls in the dollhouse that reside in backyard after them.

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