The Purr

The Purr is a mysterious superhero who wears a cat mask and is a temporary companion, who is aided in his fight against crime (or feral ghouls, as it happens) by Kitten Boy.


The Purr was first acquired in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Siege of The Dead - Part 2. He died fighting feral ghouls later in the video.

Appearances Edit

He also appeared during Al's Treasure Hunt. Later on The Purr was killed, causing his arm to get stuck in a wall. His death traumatized Kitten Boy greatly. Whether or not The Purr will come back from the dead remains to be seen.


  • The Purr shares the same DNA as Chumpkins; this means that whenever he dies he explodes violently. Sometimes large Chumpkins are created from the explosion, causing more explosions to occur.
  • Chumpkins reasembles in his lab.
  • He was created by Al using the Boulder City Resources.

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