This astronaut is saluting Al from outside the space dome

The Moon is where AlChestBreach is proclaimed to live, more specifically in New Moon City, he claims to have seen giant saucers and other cities to be there. According to Al, or just common sense, the Moon was terraformed so Al could live there, and they probably have a dome for air. Al and his cats live in his home. Recently the Moon was struck by Solar Storm Sandy coinciding with Superstorm Sandy on Earth. Al was left without power in late October and early November making people sad there wasn't any Halloween special.


Judging from Al's Cat Tales videos, the area in which he lives has a breathable atmosphere, along with wildlife and vegetation. The roof of the dome is not visible, suggesting that it is either very large, painted blue on the inside or that the roof is projecting a hologram of an Earth-like sky. In addition, the Dome most likely has some form of advanced production capability, considering that Al works at a box factory. A box factory would be useless without product to put into the boxes, indicating that either Al's boss is an idiot, or that there is a surplus of box-less objects.

In Al's New Vegas playthrough the moon has visibly been fucked up by something (possibly Solar Storm Sandy) but Al has yet to comment on how this has affected his house. Since there are no moon domes at the moment it is likely Al either has a time machine, live in an alternate reality or that it's located on the dark side of the Moon.

According to Al in Skyrim Mods: Falskaar - Part 10, people smoke whiskey on the Moon. This vice has caused several people to die, prompting the creation of anti-whiskey smoking PSAs.

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Christmas Special - Part 4, Al reveals that there are Moon Gods that are worshiped there.

During his Reddit AMA, he stated that he resided somewhere on the East Coast of the United States before moving to the Moon.

In Skyrim Mods: It Beats For Her, Al reveals that he works part-time as a detective whenever he isn't working at the box factory or making videos.

In New Vegas Mods: Open Waters - 7, it is revealed that people from the Moon are fearful of horses. In fact, because of this fear, they've created the expression "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth", which basically means "Don't complain when someone gives you a gift".

He claims New Moon City is a grid city, a city with lots of right-angled turns, and gets lost often.


  • Due to Al, and many others of the Moon's inhabitants, being of American descent, it is speculated that the Moon is part of the United States' territory, possibly as a colony.
    • In Video Announcement, Al announces that his family will visit him for the Fourth of July. This further supports the speculation of the possibility that the Moon is an American territory and/or colony.

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