The "Johnson" or Johnson is what Al calls his World War 1 British Mark VI artillery squad in Toy Soldiers Part 2 He often yells at them because they don't shoot at a German tank boss.

Origin Edit

When Al hired artillery gunmen, a bug happened that made them not shoot at anything, save for some infantry, without Al controlling them. Their serious lack of intelligence regarding the concept of self-preservation required to man and effectively use an artillery cannon on a battlefield (AKA, their extreme stupidity) cost the English their Toy Box at Nonne Bosschen Wood. This problem persisted in the second battle of Nonne Bosschen Wood, however the strategic placement of mortars won the English the battle, despite the artillrey piece's general uselessness in the heat of battle.

Trivia Edit

  • It is likely because they are inept, or perhaps suffer mental retardation that they can't do anything without Al's guidance
  • Consequently, they are quite bad at there job.
  • When faced with a giant, wind up toy tank, they seem more focused at firing at German infantry.

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