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The Inheritance is a quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas reviewed by Al in a 14-part series.


Having learned of the Courier's exploits, a dying man contacts the player in hopes of employing him/her to deliver a mysterious package. Upon accepting the job, the Courier will soon find himself/herself making unwilling allies and dangerous enemies, all jockeying to claim the same prize, Enclave gold.

The Inheritance is a compact, lore-friendly quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas, designed to offer new avenues to experience combat and role-playing for high-level characters. It offers a challenging primary quest that is followed by a collection of small sidequests, all dependent on the player's actions.

First AppearancesEdit

Bradley (Deceased)

Jesus Christ (Posing as Zimmer)

Al's opinion of the modEdit

Al seemed to enjoy the mod due to the voice acting, story, and references. He was also impressed by the depth of content in the side-quests.

Unfortunately, Project Nevada's combat balancing turned the final boss into a divine killing machine. Al grew frustrated, and went on to utilize console commands in order to defeat him.


  • Al is now currently replaying The Inheritance in his Fallout New Vegas Modded Playthrough, starting from part 175.
  • Al's review features Doctor DoLittle and his traditional cadre of companions, Jerry, Steve, Ballarms, and Mr. Cuddlesworth, not the entourage from "Fallout New Vegas Modded".
  • There are easter eggs dedicated to Brahmin Hunter, Captain Ballarms, and Ronald Dillinger.
  • Al was nearly brought to tears after reading a series of terminal notes in the Las Vegas Arsenal.
  • Al came into contact with hostile hobos, but elected to spare them. Apparently, only mute hobos are legitimate targets.
  • Al declined to pay the ransom for a kidnapped child, stating, "He's not Baby Jesus". The boy was subsequently vaporized in an explosion, prompting Al to concoct an elaborate explanation for his demise.
  • Jerry apparently suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following his participation in the defense of Ranger Station Charlie. Al described it as "The battle of all battles".
  • Al decided to free the orphans in the quest "Think of the Children!", though his choice was not motivated by altruism. Al claimed that orphans should be free to wander the wastes, where they are "In season".


The Inheritance's download page

The first part of Al's review

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