The members of the radroach army.

The ITC-Business Radroach Inc. War
(or The Imperial New Vegas War) is an ongoing trade war, turned actual war fought between, a coalition comprising of the NCR, the Imperial Trade Corporation (the ITC), and AlChestBreach against a coalition of the Fiends, the RadiosBusiness Radroach Inc., their private army and their doppelgänger army, that first started in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Imperial New Vegas - Part 1.


At the dawn of the war, the corporatocratic-imperialistic government of the New Vegas Empire, the ITC, a corporation that Al owns 66% of, is accused of monopolistic practices by the Business Radroach Inc., who declared a trade war on the Empire. In response, the Empire warranted the extrajudicial killings and extermination of all Business Radroaches.

Battle of Guardian PeakEdit

In retaliation to the genocide committed against Business Radroaches, the Radroaches attempted an overwhelming invasion of Guardian Peak via the north in order to gain a foothold in the northwestern bottleneck of the Colorado River. Though they were devastating with multiple, merciless onslaughts and were able to take out two squads of heavy NCR troopers, soldiers, high-tech turrets, and a Titan and had a time dilation device used to start the battle over and confuse the defenders, who guarded the southern end of the Guardian valley leading to the bottleneck, they were eventually repelled by Al and his team, who in a last-ditch effort, attempted to destroy the peak's valley using mini-nuke IEDs.

Doppelgänger Army Edit

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Bounty Bonus Quests - Part 5, Al discovered Mister Breach, a failed clone of him that was created by the Radios and given to Blood-Hammer, a Fiend leader. This not only revealed that Al's enemies made a clone of him, but that the Fiends have allied themselves with the Radios, who are in turn, allies of the Business Radroaches.

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach Manor - Part 1, Steve discovered that the Radios and the Business Radroaches are making a doppelgänger army of Al, his companions, and everyone they've ever known and that the Radroaches are making these clones in a "physis defieing bunker" (AKA a physics defying bunker), hidden in a "slightly"-bit-off replica of Al's Goodsprings house. After Al finished briefing his companions on Steve's discoveries, they set out to the bunker in order to put a stop the Radroaches' plans. In the bunker, they found that the place was already cleaned out and there are no signs of where the doppelgängers are, however, there were documents on the companions that were planned on being cloned, companions such as Ballarms, Chumpkins, Gully, Jerry McGhoulBerry, Kitten Boy, Mr. Cuddlesworth, Steve and The Purr. In the trophy room, however, a dead clone of Osama Bin Brahmin and a mini-replica of the bomber that was used to rescue Janet from the Radroaches on display were discovered, along with three stragglers, "TestFemaleNVPGArmored", "TestMaleNVPGArmored" and "TestMaleNVPGSimple", each of which were interrogated, and killed by Al upon realization that they wouldn't cooperate. In part 2 of Fallout New Vegas Mods: Breach Manor, a copy of the Prospector's Saloon's interior was found inside of another physics defying house not too far from the bunker, this revealed that the Business Radroaches are trying to recreate the entire town of Goodsprings.

Later, Steve received intel of the whereabouts of a doppelgänger base somewhere in the New Vegas Strip's sewers. This intel proved to be somewhat accurate, as upon entering the sewers, Al was met with a squad of cloned child soldiers and two Business Radroaches, all tasked with protecting Ronald Dillinger and to takeover the Strip. After travelling through a laggy bunker, into one of the hangars in the Nellis Air Force Base, they encountered Ronald, who wielded supernatural powers, such as super speed, large amounts of health and bullet resistance. After killing Ronald and inspecting the body, it was revealed that the dead Ronald was in fact a clone, who was most likely used as a decoy in order to distract Al, while all the other doppelgängers were being moved elsewhere.

The facilities in which the doppelgängers were encountered in were later burned down.


  • Casualties include Natalie NCR Trooper Terminal Escort, NCR Trooper Kowalski, NCR Trooper Johanson (who died of falling 8 feet before fighting even started), and more who's names remain unknown. The Business Radroach casualties make up of their entire offensive force, consisting of expendable interns, a number of executives, the commanding managers, and multiple Blackroach Security personnel.
  • While not affiliated with, it's possible that the Roaches seen at Guardian Peak come from the same genus as Milton and Hans.

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