He even looks dangerous!

The Horrible Monster is the first of Doctor Vacation's victims. After Doc Vacation brutally raped him, he started terrorizing the wasteland. The horrible monster is seen in the Montage The Underground Creature and was found by Al and Mister Cuddlesworth. After a long journey, they found the monster hiding in the field shack. The monster made a deal with Al about his life, if the monster guessed a number between 0-10, he would live. The number Al selected was 7, which was what the monster had guessed, however Al decided to kill him anyway, his final words to him being "You're wrong.".


  • The Horrible Monster is made out of a teddy bear.
  • The Horrible Monster holds some resemblance to Ronald Dillinger, since they were both raped by the pedophile, Doctor Vacation.

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