The Hobo Halloween is a montage created by Al for Halloween 2015. It was uploaded on November 1st, 2015. The Youtube description states: "When Al is handed a business he tries to get out of business, but with unexpected consequences! Ooooo so spooky!".


The video starts off with Al being thanked by a shop owner for assisting him, most likely with quests. The man, named Wrinkles, is so appreciative of Al's help that he gives ownership of the shop to Al. Before he can deny the offer, Wrinkles disappears, leaving Al with no choice but to assume custody of the store. When he asks his companions to assist him with the store, Janet, Captain Ballarms, Mister Cuddlesworth, and Steve all leave the store quickly, leaving only Jerry McGhoulBerry behind to help with the business.

The next day, Al renovates the store a bit, renaming it "ParALnormal Services" and takes every measure possible to ensure no customers can reach the store so that it fails and he no longer has to be responsible for it. He immediately receives a call and he and Jerry hurry to the house of an old woman and her husband, as the ones who had called Al. She tells them of a mysterious sound coming from her basement and the duo head down there to see what's occurring.

Once they enter, Al shoots an invisible man, believing him to be a ghost. The man, who was actually just using a stealth boy, quickly reveals himself and explains to Al that he isn't a ghost, he was just hiding in the basement from hobos who plan to attack on Halloween. Upon revealing this information, the man runs from the basement, stating that he's said too much. Al watches from afar was the man is shot and then eaten by the hobos that Al was just warned of. The hobos soon spot Jerry and Al after this and chase the two, forcing them to retreat back into the house of the couple who called them. Ready for a fight, Al opens the door, only to be knocked unconscious by an invisible man.

Al wakes up in a jail cell without Jerry or any of his items. In an attempt to escape, he contacts Steve using what he calls his "Breach Communicator", but is actually just his mustache. Steve, who is watching Youtube videos, declines the call. Al then comes up with a new plan, finding a whiskey bottle in his jail cell. This alerts Sizzler, who senses that he's been drinking, as she drinks heavily herself. Sizzler then heads to his rescue, only to be knocked unconscious and placed in the same cell as Al.

The two then escape the cell using Sizzler's hairpins and explore the base, finding the main terminal and unlocking all of the cells. Al then finds a weapon, Sizzler finds alcohol, and the pair heads out to try and escape. They end up walking into a hobo conference meeting, where they find Jerry among the hobos. They then listen to the speech given by the leader of the hobos, where he reveals their plan to take over Halloween. Al confronts him and soon shoots him, where he finds out that their leader is actually a robot. Al soon shoots other people, believing them all to be robots, although soon comes to find the rest of the hobos are human and that he is outnumbered. He soon calls upon those who he rescued from the other cells, with raiders, centaurs, and the couple from before being among the captives and with their help, the hobos are defeated.

Al, Sizzler, and Jerry reunite with everyone back at the house, with Al stating that this happy ending was the end to a perfect Halloween, as all they need to do now is hand out candy. The screen fades to black on Al and his gang, but the scene then cuts to the Business Radroaches, who are upset that their plan with the hobos has failed. A mysterious man is seen talking to the roaches, who state that in order to defeat Al, you need to fight fire with fire.

The scene cuts once more to the couple who called upon Al at the beginning of the video, who stand among the bodies of the hobos they helped Al defeat. The husband suggests, that since they have nothing else to do, that they should "lighten the mood". Sexy music then begins playing as the screen fades to black, implying that the two are about to engage in sex.


  • His main reason for wanting his business to fail is so that he won't be associated with the Business Radroaches.
  • This is Sizzler's first appearance since New Vegas Mod: Clap Trap Companion.
  • Despite being a Halloween montage, it was actually uploaded a day after Halloween.
    • Although this was most likely due to the fact that Al posted several Halloween mod reviews on the actual day of Halloween and saved the montage for later so that viewers would not be overloaded with videos.

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