The H.U.L.L. Team is a team of 3 Kerbals Al uses when playing Kerbal Space Program.


The H.U.L.L team is made of three very experienced Kerbal astronauts, Hendon, Lanferd, and Ludkin. The name of their team is their initails. While there is no 4th name or U, Al just called it the H.U.L.L, since you can't say H.L.L. as a word.

Members' PersonalitiesEdit

  • Hendron is fearless, and evens laughs in the face of danger.
  • Lanferd is mysterious, and often does not react to whatever is happening.
  • Ludkin is easily scared and is often said to be a coward.


  • The H.U.L.L. Team has died and been cloned many times.
  • They are all brothers.

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