The Gurps are a family created by Al in the game The Sims 3 who reside in Moonlight Falls. They make their first appearance in The Sims - Gurp House! - Part 1. The family consists of an old man, a mother, her daughter, and a dog. Al plays as this family during the hiatus of The Duggarts and The Cop Family, along with The Reddings.

Family MembersEdit

  • Madeline
    Madeline Gurps

Madeline Gurp is a pre-made sim in the game that Al simply named and did not give many edits to. She has the traits Brave, Dislikes Children, Excitable, Hopeless Romantic, and Loner, and is the mother of Shannon and the daughter of Guffaw. She has a stash of pornography "hidden" in her bedroom. In the second episode, she joined the Lifeguard career as a CPR Dummy. It is unknown whether this means she will be performing CPR or will have CPR performed on her. It is revealed she has special workout glasses that prevent her from getting sweat in her eyes. She later visits the same park that her father is at, where she chats with a strange red man and reveals she likes balls. She also went to work for the first time, where she witnessed a man drowning and slowly yet heroically saved him and gave him CPR on the beach. Right after this, in episode 3, a fairy began drowning, and after saving him, he began to flirt with her. She was also promoted to Mouth Breather. She later read Twilight on the beach and fell asleep, possibly causing the death of 3 people.

  • Shannon
    Shannon Gurps

Shannon is a child sim and a self-proclaimed Dragonborn, thinking that she is from the game Skyrim and not Sims, hence her unusual choice in clothing. She has the traits Disciplined, Loves the Heat, and Star Quality. She is the daughter of Madeline and the granddaughter of Guffaw. In episode 2, she quickly changed her aspiration from Dragonborn to race car driver within the first few seconds of arriving at their new house. After conversing with her mother, she believed she was a dragon and asked her why she never read books to her, in which the topic changed to breast feeding. It was very uncomfortable. She complained a nerd zombie in the backyard later in the episode and it is revealed that she has an embarrassing bowl haircut. She also goes to school for the first time, where she had planned on killing all the other dragons. She contracted a cold in episode 3, although was still forced to go to school.

  • Guffaw
    Guffaw Chinstrap

Guffaw is an elderly man loosely based off of Doc Mitchell who is an aspiring Alchemist and is the father of Madeline and grandfather of Shannon. He has the traits Snob, Neurotic, Dislikes Children, Evil, and Grumpy. After tossing on his tuxedo, he takes Chuff out for a walk through town in episode 2, where Al is able to compose a hit new song "With Grandpa". Al bought him a guitar and a cane to really embody an old man. He also refuses to sleep in the yellow bed in the house. In episode 3, he continually played the guitar, much to the enjoyment of Al, who told him he would soon be playing with Bon Jovi.

  • Chuff
    Chuff Wringley

Chuff is a moderately sized adult Giant Schnauzer and has the traits Genius, Hunter, and Hyper. He has no relation to the Gurps family, implying that he may have just wandered into the house and the household didn't question it. He has a dislike of exercise machines and enjoys taking walks with Guffaw, evidenced in the second episode. He also believes in ghosts and thought that one resided in the park that he and Guffaw visited. In episode 3, with the house all to themselves, he and Guffaw spent the day playing in the yard around the house and with toy balls.


  • The series experienced a demon-like possession within the first few minutes of the series, with a horrifying glitched screen which overtook every the entire video for several seconds, as well as the characters having demonic black eyes when looking into a mirror. It greatly scared Al.
  • Unlike most families Al creates in Sims, we are actually able to see him make this family in Create-A-Sim. This family shares this similarity with The Duggarts and The Cop Family.
  • Although his name is Chinstrap, Al selected a full beard for Guffaw to sport.
  • Guffaw shares similarities with Harold Duggart from the Duggart series, as both are old men who enjoy playing guitar.
    • However, while Harold has the Good trait, Guffaw has the Evil trait, making the two opposites.

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