The Great Cuddles of Worthington at his naming ceremony.

The Great Cuddles of Worthington is AlChestBreach's horse in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


He has appeared sporadically in Al's playthrough of Skyrim mods since his first appearance, acting as Al's trusty steed.

He gets Al to where he needs to go as fast as possible, although he doesn't fight because he is a horse. 


  • His name is a longer version of Mister Cuddlesworth's name, Al's Deathclaw companion in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Al dedicated a video to his naming.
  • According to Al, he is Cuddle's great great great great great great grand-father. 
  • Even though he is Al's horse he is rarely seen riding him since he fast travels everywhere.
  • In the Falskaar playthrough Al wasn't able to bring Cuddles to Falskaar, so he instead bought a new horse, calling it the same name.
  • In Part 18 Of Al's Skyrim playthrough, at the very end, Cuddles loses his virginity. Al then promised to bring him to Hooters later and get him some chicken nuggets.
  • The Horse Naming Ceremony is the only video in which Cuddles is shown to actually have a personality.
  • During an episode of Tundra Defense, Cuddles turned on Al and suddenly ran off, leaving Al behind.