The Elephant Man
"Aww! Have you come to laugh at me???"

Original Mod

Pumpkin Head Companion -The Elephant Man





First Appearance

Couriers Cache - Part 1


Unnamed Mother(Status Unknown)
Tommy (Brother, presumably dead)






Temporary Companions

Jimmy, otherwise known as "The Elephant Man", is one of Al's more bizarre companions in Fallout: New Vegas. He appears in Al's mod review of the Couriers Cache.


He was born in Primm, and lived with his mother - or as he calls her, "Mama", and his brother Timmy. When Jimmy and Timmy where young they ventured north and came across a puddle of radioactive waste. Timmy dared Jimmy to swim in the puddle. Refusing to be called a chicken Jimmy accepted the dare and dived into the pool...But little did Jimmy know, he was not going to be called chicken... but Elephant. A few minutes after Jimmy came out of the pool, Timmy noticed that Jimmy's face was a bright yellow color. They returned home to Primm. That night in bed Jimmy had dreams of the great savannah and nightmares of an elephant graveyard. When Jimmy woke up his face felt heavy. Jimmy's mother looked at him and began to cry. They moved to a mountain side near red rock canyon to avoid remarks by the public. Little is known what happened to the elephant man's brother but some say Jimmy turned to cannibalism and ate him. 


Al first finds The Elephant Man behind an abandoned trailer. The Elephant Man talks with an extremely slow speech pattern and slurs most of his words, grossing Al out. After looking at Jimmy's face and listening to Jimmy talk for about a minute, Al gets annoyed and yells at him, telling him that if he wants to follow him and his companions he can.

Throughout the mod, Al is incredibly disgusted by his face and makes various rude comments towards him during the Courier's Cache review. Al bullied the Elephant Man by calling him "pumpkin head" on various occasions and at the end of the mod, Al and his gang ditch him and leave Jimmy behind to fight off Raiders alone. It is unknown if he will appear again. 


  • The mod can be found here.
  • Along with Al, Janet also seems to share a large dislike for The Elephant Man. Al reminds Janet that she is very attractive in comparison to The Elephant Man and that he doesn't want any of his companions looking at him for too long for fear of their faces being deformed as well.
  • The Elephant Man lives somewhere in Red Rock Canyon. It lives there to escape the constant ridicule it receives from humans. 
  • After the mod review, after he is left alone, the Elephant Man most likely returned to his home in Red Rock Canyon to avoid humans once again, unless killed by the raiders. 
  • Steve showed him his ass.
  • According to Al, Sergeant "Pancake Man" Crockers looks like a movie star in comparison to him.

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