The Elder Scrolls V Horse Naming Ceremony!04:44

The Elder Scrolls V Horse Naming Ceremony!

The Elder Scrolls V: Horse Naming Ceremony is a Skyrim montage which involved formally naming The Great Cuddles Of Worthington.


DikaSmasha wakes up in Breezehome. He knocks on Lydia's door, wondering what he was supposed to today. To his surprise, Lydia is not in her room. He leaves Breezehome and goes to the inn, continually wondering what he was supposed to do. He battles a Dragon and bathes in a river. A nearby horse triggers his memory: that day was the day of the Horse's naming ceremony. He sprints as fast as he can to the ceremony, while Horse considers killing himself when Lydia looks away. Al then revealed the Horse's name: The Great Cuddles Of Worthington, a reference to his New Vegas companion Mister Cuddlesworth.


  • This is the only Skyrim montage that Al has ever done.
  • This montage was released on November 27th, 2011.
  • The video can be found here.

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