This page is about the Sims 4 version of The Duggarts. For the Sims 3 version, go to The Duggarts (Sims 3).

The Duggarts

Secondgeneration duggarts


The second generation of Duggarts.



The Duggarts are Al's family in the game The Sims 4, based off of his family in The Sims 3, The Duggarts, who reside in Oasis Springs. They make their first appearance in Sims 4 - The Duggarts! - Part 1. The base family is composed of the members of the original Duggart family from Sims 3; Steven, Harold, and Bobby, although they differ significantly from their Sims 3 counterparts and more members have been added to the family. They were the only family Al was playing for Sims Saturday until The Cop Family made an appearance and then the Bachelor Bobby spin-off was created. He has stated that he is going to alternate between the three, cycling through the series every 3 weeks, or until one of them ends. Since then, his computer crashed and he has lost all Sims data, prompting him to create the Clone Vault Household in order to re-create the Duggarts. He will be playing as this family until the Duggarts can be replicated. (Although this is unlikely due to veering so far away from the Duggarts, and concluding Sims Saturday as of March 5th, 2016.)

Family MembersEdit

  • Zelda Mae
Zelda Mae


Zelda mae sims4

Zelda Mae in The Sims 4.


EP 23 -


Perfect Host

Zelda Mae is a sim from the Sims 3 that was created to be in the Sims 4. She is in a relationship with Steven Duggart and is the mother of Wayne, Eileen, and Mckinley. She used to live with Henry Duggart, although he joined her when she moved into the Duggart house. Since moving in, she has taken care of most of the housework and cleaning, just like Harold used to before his death. After becoming girlfriend and boyfriend, Zelda got pregnant in episode 26 after the two woohooed for the first time. The two then become best friends. Later in the episode, she goes into labor at the house and not the hospital due to the family not owning a car. Much to the surprise of Al, she gives birth to twins and names the babies Eileen and Wayne. Throughout episodes 27 and 28, instead of taking care of her new children, Zelda developed a love of video games and gained access to the 18th Skyrim game. She also took after Steven and suffered from an energy failure thanks to their new children, and passed out in the hallway. Due to this, she tried to run away from her problems and hide in the small room behind the house so she would never have to take care of the children again. Al let her rest for a few hours before forcing her back into the house. In episode 29, Zelda walked in on Emma and Bobby having a bathroom conversation and joins in. Even though she became aroused later on, she quickly left after being disgusted by the smell of feces. In episode 30, Zelda accidentally started a fire in the small building behind the main house and set herself on fire in the process. Lucky for her, Henry extinguished the fire and saved everyone. She may have developed a fear of appliances because of this. In episode 31, Al decided that everyone in the house had become a dumbass except for Zelda. He then changed her aspiration from Soulmate to Party Animal so that she can become super popular. In episode 32, she set herself on fire again and unfortunately for her, dies because of Henry's incompetence to extinguish it. He fixes his mistake, however, and pleads for Zelda's life to The Grim Reaper. She is then resurrected. In episode 35, Zelda heads to the local bar in town to try and make some friends to complete her aspiration. While out, she met a drug addict and a lady who may have pooped her pants. The three then had "girl talk" before Zelda got yelled at by an old lady and then left to go talk to a clown woman. She eventually completed the first step of her aspiration and then returned home. Later in the episode, Zelda decides to adopt a child, his name being Goopy. Goopy never arrives however, leaving Al, who wanted him, heartbroken. In episode 36, she rejects Steven's marriage proposal, saying it was the wrong place at the wrong time. In episode 37, Al punishes Zelda for her reluctance to clean up dirty dishes by placing all of them on the floor in her room to annoy her. He states that she brought this upon herself. In episode 38, she begins writing her first book, a children's novel entitled "The Grumpy Banana Tree", describing the book as a horror story where the tree eats children and the parents seek revenge. She soon finishes writing her tale and publishes the book. She then soon begins work on her second book; "The Ticklish Caterpillar". In episode 39, Al warns Zelda not to have too much fun while in the bathtub, as he wants to keep this "PG-13". Along with Bobby, Al also gives Zelda a slight makeover in the same episode because he is sick of her banana shorts and wants her to wear pants. In episode 40, she writes another children's book, this time warning the children of the world about the dangers of sleeping and how death sleeps. Al said that although the plot may seem confusing, the kids will understand the concept. She started her next children's books in episode 41 titled "Goodnight, Night Light It's Time For The Apocalypse!" and "That's Not My Mom! That's My Dad!", both bringing in a huge stipend. In episode 42, it was revealed that after Steven and Zelda had woohooed, Zelda had gotten pregnant. In episode 43, her water broke and she went into labor. Instead of taking a car to the hospital, Zelda walked the whole way there. She then gave birth to her daughter, Mckinley. When she returned home, Al put both the baby and her in the bathroom, locking them in the room so that she could raise Mckinley without bad influences. Although it seemed like this plan would work out, there wasn't enough room for a bed in the room. On top of this, both Henry and Harold, ghosts, continually broke the appliances in the room, forcing Zelda to repair them. He let Zelda and Mckinley out of the bathroom in episode 44, as things don't go the way he wanted and he was sick of seeing Zelda miserable. In episode 45, after finally getting Zelda to clean up the entire house, she gets stuck in an infinite loop and becomes unable to move. She eventually becomes free after she pisses herself. She then begins work on her next book, "Moose Truckers". In episode 47, Steven and Zelda have a major fight while on the camping trip, although they soon reconcile and woohoo inside one of the tents. Exhausted from their woohoo session, Zelda falls asleep on one of the benches next to the bathroom. She tries to entertain her family on the last day of their trip in episode 48, playing guitar badly and singing a remix of the song "Camptown Ladies". She later accidentally burned her left forearm trying to light the camp fire. In episode 49, she ages into an elder at her birthday party. To celebrate her new age in life, she begins writing a screenplay titled "Ketchup In My Seagull". Upon the completion of this, she starts writing her newest book, "Soda in my Soda". In episode 51, once this is completed, she starts working on an information book titled "How is Daddy Having a Baby?", explaining how a man can become pregnant and birth a child. This book was apparently proofread by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She may have also contracted a disease, as she had a rash all over her body. In episode 52, she begins writing her memoir, as she is close to dying. She then hosts a death party for Steven at a mansion. He dies as expected and she breaks down with tears. However, she spots a cute young man and begins flirting with him.

  • Wayne Duggart
Wayne Duggart


Wayne clear

Wayne as a teenager.


EP 26 -



Wayne Duggart is the illegitimate son of Zelda and Steven and is the twin brother of Eileen and the older brother of Mckinley. He is currently a teenage sim, although started the game as a toddler and is slightly older than his sister. While toddlers, both him and his sister did not do much due to sleeping throughout most of the day, although is seemed that Zelda favored Wayne while Steven favored Eileen. Throughout episodes 27-28, Wayne remained calm for the most part, only crying when he needed food and mostly sleeping throughout the day. In episode 31, he aged into a child sim and developed an artistic aspiration. Al later threw a birthday party to celebrate their coming of age. In episode 32, he and Bobby both conversed uncomfortably several times and each time, the conversations got more awkward. He then went to Emma's house with Bobby and accidentally insulted her the entire time. Al said that they would never become friends. In episode 33, Wayne suddenly becomes the smartest member of the family when his grades improved in school. In episode 34, he received straight A's in all of his classes. To celebrate, he grabs a plate of food and runs across the street to eat the food on a bench. After returning home from school in episode 35, it is revealed he is one of the top students at the academy. He refuses to do his chores in episode 36, considering himself too smart to do any work, and loses his allowance. After Henry's death, Wayne takes his ashes out of his urn and plays in them, laughing manically. In episode 37, it was revealed that a kid at school had been taking Wayne's food for a week now and that he is tired of it and wants to stand up for himself. He tries to get the kid in trouble by shouting at him, but ends up getting in trouble as well and becomes sad over the loss of his meal. In episode 41, Wayne has a big test at school and blanks on the whole thing. Although he's given the option to cheat, he takes some deep breaths and even though his classmates give him weird looks, he passes the test. Later in the episode, Al questions what Eileen and Wayne are doing at school, as they always come home exhausted and hungry. In episode 45, the same bully that was stealing Eileen's food begins taking Wayne's. Just like Eileen, Wayne fills a brownie with laxatives and gives it to the child, although this time, the bully eats it. In episode 46, on vacation with his family, it was revealed that Wayne had brought a bowl of cereal from home so that he wouldn't have to eat his mother's grilled fruit. In episode 47, while unattended, he jogs over to a fire pit and begins playing with the fire, much to the joy of Al. Later in the episode, he catches some ladybugs and cooks them over a fire before eating them. Al is disgusted by this. In episode 49, he accidentally walks in on his mom showering, causing him to scream and then have a nightmare. In episode 50, he and Eileen age up into teenagers during their birthday party, where he gains the Party Animal aspiration. Al remarked that he looked like a douchebag. In episode 51, he takes a long bubble bath before school, wanting to sit in the tub and play with bubbles instead of going to school.

  • Eileen Duggart
Eileen Duggart


Eileen smile copy

Eileen as a teenager.


EP 26 -


Quick Learner

Eileen Duggart is the illegitimate daughter of Zelda and Steven and is the twin sister of Wayne and the older sister of Mckinley. She is currently a teenage sim, although started the game as a toddler and is slightly younger than her brother. While a toddler, she and her brother didn't do much besides sleep due to their age, although it seemed that Steven favors Eileen while Zelda favored Wayne. Throughout episodes 27-28, Eileen was shown to be the more active of the two twins, crying at every little instance possible and greatly disrupting both her parents and her brother, keeping them awake at night. She, along with her brother, aged up into a child in episode 31 and she developed the Whiz Kid aspiration. Al later threw a costume party to celebrate their coming of age. In episode 32, she began her journey to become a genius by developing a bunch of different skills. After going to school for the first time, she receives a love letter from someone at school, supposedly being from Wayne. It is later revealed to be her friends pulling a prank on her. On her second day of school, she finds out that she isn't invited to her friend's birthday party and gets mad about it. She later finds the invitation under a bag of stale pretzels in her cubby. In episode 35, she makes it to the final round of her school's spelling bee, although doesn't know the final word given to her and is tempted to cheat. She decides not to cheat, and although she then spells the word wrong, she feels good about trying her best. In the same episode, she gets her grades up to an A. At the beginning of episode 39, it is revealed that Eileen may have murdered someone, as she was covered in blood and dirt. In episode 41, Al questions what Eileen and Wayne are doing at school, as they always come home exhausted and hungry. In episode 42, Eileen decided that her next project for the science fair would be an atomic bomb, as she found the other assignments too intellectually boring. In episode 45, when it was revealed that another kid began taking her food at school, she created a brownie full of laxatives and gave it to the bully. Unfortunately for her, the bully gives the brownie to the principal, and her plan fails. Later in the episode, Bobby tries to complain about his problems to her. Eileen, however, doesn't care. In episode 47, Eileen sits next to her parent's tent and listens to them woohoo, smiling happily. In episode 49, it was revealed that some kid had placed a kick-me sign on her back at school. Upon telling the teacher, the culprit was caught and sent home from school, leaving a happy Eileen alone. In episode 50, she and Wayne age up into teenagers during their birthday party, where she obtains the Nerd Brain aspiration. In episode 51, she gives ghost Henry relationship advice. She also has two tests at school, one of which is extremely hard. She chooses to only study for the hard one and ends up getting an A and a B respectively. In episode 52, she complains about her problems to a man who visits the Duggart house. This makes him regret coming over. Later in the episode, she refuses to go to her parent's death party and stays at home instead.

  • Mckinley Duggart
Mckinley Duggart
Mckinley as a child.


EP 43 -



Mckinley Duggart is the illegitimate daughter of Zelda and Steven and the younger sister of Eileen and Wayne. She was born in episode 43 and was immediately placed in the bathroom. Al played off of this idea and then locked both Mckinley and Zelda in the bathroom, adding different furniture so that Mckinley could grow up without any outside influences. He hopes that she'll grow up to be a cop. He puts the door back on the bathroom in episode 44, as everything goes horribly wrong. In episode 46, Al ages up Mckinley into a child so that she can join the family on their vacation to the woods. She develops the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Once the family reaches the woods, Mckinley goes off on her own to explore the woods. She begins talking to herself before a strange man approaches her and offers her beer. Al calls her a terrible detective after she runs away from him to go fishing. She then leaves fishing to go play horseshoes with an elderly woman. Mckinley, while wandering around, eventually runs into a horrifying bear figure, Jami Sheehan, which will most likely gave her nightmares. The bear follows her on her adventures through episode 47 and 48, although she gets mad at the bear when she learns that it is actually just a woman in a costume. In episode 49, it was revealed that she sleeps in Bobby's old bed on the second floor of the house. Al warned her not to touch anything for fear of what Bobby might have left behind. Later in the episode, she gets her grade up to a B. In episode 51, she gets her grade up to an A, beating out Wayne and Eileen's grades, who both have B's. Later, she practices her abilities on the new monkey bars, only to fall off several times. In episode 52, she and Eileen accidentally walk in on Wayne taking a bath. Although Eileen seems not to care, McKinley becomes scarred for life.

Former MembersEdit

  • Harold Duggart
Harold Duggart
Harold Duggart in The Sims 4.


EP 1 - EP 22


Music Lover

Harold Duggart is an elderly sim and the father of Steven and the grandfather of Bobby. He has the traits Hot-Headed, Muser, Genius, and Music Lover. He is adept at playing the guitar and has a dislike for children, particularly Bobby, although remains charismatic and charming. He also becomes depressed rather easily. Upon entering the house for the first time in episode 1, Harold headed right for the refrigerator to get some food. He also joins the Entertainer career. He began mastering the guitar skill in episode 4, choosing to ignore Bobby's request for a hug to practice. He also acquired the Gaming skill. Harold went to a club in episode 5, and found out it was a club for the elderly. He made many friends while there, such as the woman who killed the tin man and the grandfather who liked cupcakes. He also accidentally sets the house ablaze, although acts bravely and extinguishes it. In episode 8, he sleeps on a bus stop bench and then digs through a trash can. He finds nothing of importance. In episode 15, he, along with Bobby, visit Vladimir Putin's house. The two carefully explore the house, opening suitcases and napping on chairs until playing chess. He soon becomes bored and goes home, leaving Bobby in the house. In episode 19, Al discovers blood on the sink in the bathroom upon Harold entering it, meaning he may have killed someone, or attempted to kill himself. He dies of old age in episode 22 on the sidewalk in front of the house. Harold resurrects as a ghost in episode 24, where he appears only to complain about the state of the house and how much garbage was everywhere. He also breaks the bathtub. In episode 36, he accidentally walks in on Zelda and Steven having sex.

R.I.P Harold Duggart

Episode 1-22

  • Henry Duggart
Henry Duggart
Henry Duggart in The Sims 4.


EP 26 - 36



Henry Duggart is a future version of the sim Bobby Duggart and is one of the many Duggart clones in the town. Even though he occasionally visited the house, he never actually took the time to get to know the original Duggarts until moving in with them. After living together with Zelda, both were invited to move into the house in episode 26. After moving into the Duggart house, he joins the Criminal career and becomes a Tough Guy. Even though he almost leaves for his first day of work in his underwear, he successfully starts a riot while at work to divert attention away from his boss's deal at a night club and gains a job performance boost. He was indifferent towards the birth of Wayne and Eileen. In episode 27, he proved to be a better parent than both Steven and Zelda and took care of both Eileen and Wayne when they began crying. In episode 28, he swiped a stashed bag during a deal at work and gained a small sum of money after he stole the object. He also began improving his athletic skill and getting physically fit. In episode 30, he rescued Zelda and the house by putting out the fire that had started in the kitchen. He also learned how to pickpocket people and went out on the town to begin stealing money from other sims. In episode 31, he became a true thug by kicking over a garbage can and then laughing about it. He felt superior over other sims after doing so. He also went to the park later in the episode to make enemies with various sims, although just ended up yelling at a child and then eating hot dogs before he left for work. In episode 32, he watches Zelda die in a fire that he fails to extinguish. When The Grim Reaper arrives, he begs for Zelda's life and his plea is answered, as he obliges and resurrects her. In episode 34, he meets a Sims 4 version of Jimmy Cop and takes him around town to other houses, wanting to visit a ghost lady. In episode 35, he tried to explain what a period was to Eileen. She didn't appreciate the conversation. In episode 36, he bails a co-worker out of jail by posting bail for the criminal. Henry then gains their eternal loyalty. Later in the episode, while taking a bath, Henry supposedly dies of embarrassment. Henry returns in his new ghost form in episode 37, incredibly angry that he died. Bobby tries to calm him down, although Henry remains too distraught about his destroyed dream of being a mob boss. In his rage, he floats outside and kicks over the garbage can.

R.I.P. Henry Duggart

Episode 26-36

  • Bobby Duggart
Bobby Duggart

Bobby updated teen-0


Bobby as an adult.


EP 1 - EP 45 (Alive)



Bobby Duggart is a child sim and the nephew of Steven and the grandson of Harold. Differing from his Sims 3 counterpart, he does not have many friends besides Tudd Gurpkin and Emma Watson and is a social outcast of sorts, even becoming enemies with Augustus Burrows. Even though he studied hard and enjoyed reading as a child, he lost interest in school when he aged into a teenage. In episode 2, he travels to a local club, only to leave the establishment and visit a playground instead. While out on the town, he annoys several adults by talking about death and art. He was also able to meet a future version of himself, who tells him about future events and possibly corrupts the timeline. In episode 3, he practices typing on the computer via a song named "type-a type-a type-a away". In episode 5, he sets a new personal record at his school for running laps. This is unusual, as Bobby is a larger boy and very lazy, which leads Al to believe that every kid in town is overweight. He also drops a tray in the cafeteria, which causes everyone at the school to laugh at him. In episode 11, Bobby goes to the local playground and plays space commander with some other children there. Sad to say, the children's squadron of spaceships lost to the enemy forces. He then went inside the office building, where he awkwardly danced in front of adults and made them leave. Before running home, he is tricked into eating veggie burgers instead of cheeseburgers and almost barfed while doing so, but managed to finish his food and then return home. Later in the episode, Bobby accidentally sets his chemistry set on fire, forcing Harold to extinguish the flames before their house burnt down. Later in the episode, Bobby receives a love note while at school, although the note turned out to be from a group of his friends who were just teasing him. In episode 12, Bobby visits and meets the sim version of Emma Watson where he spends the night over at her house, playing chess and eating her food. He visits Putin with Harold in episode 15 and spends the night in his house, unknown to Vladimir at the time. Upon waking the next morning, he and Bobby discuss a variety of topics including death and failure before Bobby leaves in episode 16 and visits the Sims 4 version of the RLF Friends household. He argues with Al Breach (a Sims 4 version of Al) before eating their food and going home. Once he's back, he decides to cuddle with Harold in bed, as it is revealed he is going to die soon. In episode 21, Bobby ages up into a teenager, where he chooses the Public Enemy aspiration, wishing to be hated by everyone. Upon aging up, Al decided that he was officially a loser. In episode 23, he continued to mourn Harold's death by crying heavily and moping around the house. In the same episode, when Steven and Bobby leave the house, he begins ranting about his worries and woes to a stranger on the street. After finding and chatting with a future version of himself, he heads home with Steven. In episode 24, he takes a huge unit test in History and studies rigorously for the test, ending up with the highest score in the class. In episode 27, he learned how to care of toddlers through Eileen and Wayne, although tried to explain bear attacks to them and got kicked out of the room. He also skipped school for the first time because he was sick of failing. In episode 29, Bobby decided to take a shit and piss mid-conversation with Emma Watson, taking turns on the toilet with her, while still continuing the conversation casually. In episode 31, it was revealed that Bobby has made little-to-no gain education wise and that his school work was lacking. This is most likely because he spends all of his time now playing video games and is now eligible to enter professional game tournaments. In episode 32, he nearly dies from electrocution from playing videos games too much. In episode 33, Bobby is struggling with some subjects in school and is given the opportunity to join a study group. He declines, wanting to learn street smarts instead of school. In episode 34, he gets called to the guidance counselor's office to discuss his academic life and because of this, now has to meet with the counselor three times a week to talk about his "feelings". In episode 35, he is said to be doing pretty badly in school and no longer does his homework. He returns home with his report card and received straight D's in all of his subjects. In episode 38, Bobby baked a taco casserole to celebrate Thursdays. The reason for this is unknown. In episode 39, Al announces that Bobby has changed and isn't the same and because of this, he decides to give Bobby a makeover to make him the center of attention again. He then goes to the park to pick up older ladies, although reminds them that they can go to jail if they decide to date him. He ends up meeting Babs L'Amour, a fellow teenager, and begins flirting with her. Bobby then gets her to go on a date with him to the local gym so that he can show her how much he can lift. The date soon takes a turn for the worse when the conversation becomes awkward, although it picks up after the two start playfully fighting. He goes home soon after this in episode 40. She visits him later in the episode, however, allowing the two to advance their relationship through mischief actions. She leaves after he playfully slaps her, which may have turned her on. In episode 41, he becomes a C student again, although is sad about it because "being smart doesn't get you ladies". It was also revealed that he frequently misses the toilet when he pisses. Later in the episode, he goes on a date with Babs to the museum. When it starts going well, a strange man approaches the duo and begins cutting in on Bobby's date, flirting with Babs. After he leaves, Bobby and Babs start fighting, although eventually reconcile. He goes home satisfied. At school the next day, Bobby finds cash lying around in the bathroom. Although tempted to take it, he turns it into the principal and earns extra credit. In episode 42, he improves his grades even further, becoming a B student. In episode 45, Bobby ages into a young adult. He invites over Babs so that he can have his first kiss with her, although she comes over angry and Bobby and her soon starting fighting, especially when Emma comes over to hang out. Even though he wants to date Babs, he soon forgets about her when he and Emma share their first kiss. He and Emma then woohoo in Steven and Zelda's room, right in front of the new baby, Mckinley. Since aging into a young adult, he has moved out of the house and received his own spin-off series Bachelor Bobby, where he lives on his own and goes on adventures during his young life.

  • Steven Duggart
Steven Duggart



Steven as an elder.


EP 1 - 52


Business Savvy

Steven Duggart is an adult sim and is the uncle of Bobby and the son of Harold. He is also the boyfriend of Zelda and the father of Wayne, Eileen, and Mckinley. Unlike his Sims 3 counterpart, he is lazy and uninspired and enjoys sitting around the house doing nothing. He aspires to be fabulously wealthy, a goal he accomplishes in episode 1 due to Al using a cheat to gain a lot of money. He joins the Tech Guru career in episode 2, only choosing the job so he can slack off. Steven also meets a future version of Harold who is richer than the entire family, and the two discuss war and garbage. He "attempted" to burn down the house by leaving pancakes on the stove before going off to work. Fortunately, it failed. He is promoted in episode 4, to the rank of Code Monkey.  In episode 5, he is transferred into a position at his job in which he has no experience. Upon asking for help, it is revealed that no one at his office knew what they were doing. He also wished to quit his job, although Al thought his misery was funny, so he forced him to continue with his work. In episode 11, he enters a gaming tournament, although he loses quite horribly and paints a sad picture in order to express his feelings. In episode 16, Steven is hired to expose a conspiracy about the blades of grass in town all being the same width, offering to pay Steven in cheeseburgers if he sets up a site to do so. In episode 17, he plays around in a pile of garbage and scrap metal left in the bathroom of the house. He meets Vladimir in episode 19 and invites him to watch TV in his tiny house behind the main building. He then makes heart shaped cookies due to feeling flirty and viciously consumes them. In episode 21, Steven throws a birthday party for Bobby, only inviting one friend and a bunch of random strangers. He mourns Harold's death in the next episode, expressing his emotions by drawing a sad face on a canvas. In episode 23, he seems to have changed his feelings, as he is extremely happy and energetic and sees Harold's death as a new start for his life in the world of artistry. He later visits Zelda Mae's house for the first time and the two begin chatting. Even though his flirting is rejected by Zelda, the two are able to become friends. He goes home sometime later, exhausted. In episode 24, he finally quits his job and begins focusing on painting as a source of income. Steven and Zelda share their first kiss in episode 25 over at her house. The two then go to a bar on a date, where Steven and Zelda officially begin dating. They then go back to Steven's house, where they try for woohoo for the first time. In episode 26, Steven proposes to Zelda, although is brutally rejected, leaving him mortified. He also becomes a father in the same episode when Zelda gives birth to twins. Steven had an energy failure in episode 28, in which he passed out from lack of sleep in the hallway of the house. Later in the episode, Steven joined the Painter career. In episode 32, he gained a promotion and a bonus. He also maxed out his cooking skill, reaching level 10. In episode 34, he hosts a cooking class, where he teaches the viewers how to make spaghetti. He added alcohol to his food, which may have caused individuals to get drunk. He was promoted at his job later in the episode. Steven attempted to propose to Zelda again in episode 36 and gets turned down once more, leaving him mortified. He then goes to his room to hide from everyone in shame. He got a promotion at work in episode 38. In episode 41, when presenting art for an art show, even though he's given the option to show some edgy artwork, he plays it safe, although still earns some decent money. His second child, Mckinley, is born in episode 43. In episode 44, he ages into an elder sim. In episode 45, he reaches level 10 in the gaming skill, achieving legendary status among gamers. Later in the episode, he hires an agent so that he can make more money for his paintings and then proceeds to make a giant profit. In episode 46, he takes the family on a vacation to the woods. Upon arriving at the campsite, Steven goes to take a dump. In episode 47, Steven and Zelda have a major fight while on the camping trip, although they soon reconcile and woohoo inside one of the tents. In episode 49, he engages in an art fight with a fellow artist about art theory and comes out on top, impressing his fellow artists. In episode 51, he teaches a knife juggling class while cooking. Later, he plays with McKinley outside, acting as the sea monster. He also creates a masterpiece painting, which he ends up selling. In episode 52, at his own party, he witnesses the death of an old woman at her own house. Shortly after this, he dies himself, causing everyone at the party to become miserable.

R.I.P. Steven Duggart

Episode 1-52


  • Although there is a sim of Zelda Mae, Steven's wife from Sims 3, already created, Al opted not to use her and keep Steven single for the new series, although he now plans to introduce her due to popular demand. As of episode 23, they have met and become friends.
  • The sims that compose the family are actually made by several different people using the Sims 4 Create A Sim demo, as Al only created the Bobby sim. (Children were not available for creation during the demo).
  • Just like his Sims 3 series, Al has become increasingly more angry at his sims as the episodes have progressed.
  • Al claims that everyone in his town has become a douchebag, with the exception of Future Bobby.
  • The Reddings, a family from Al's Sims 3 playthrough, are referenced in episode 8 when Al names the dolls in the dollhouse in the backyard after the family.
  • It was revealed in episode 11 that Harold can play the Ninja Turtle's theme song backwards on the guitar.
  • Near the end of one of the episodes, one of Riley Duggart's spawn appeared on a children's TV show, suggesting he would one day return to plague the Duggarts again.
  • In episode 16, an in-game notification revealed that Harold would be dead in a couple of days and that he should make the next few days count. 
  • Al makes a shrine dedicated to Harold in the backyard in episode 23 that includes his gravestone.  
  • After Harold's death, Bobby becomes depressed and takes many selfies. These include on the toilet and at Zelda Mae's house.  
  • Eileen is the first daughter ever in the Duggart family.  
  • Similar to the original series, two "Ghost Harolds" haunt the house.  
  • In episode 31, it's revealed that Steven does cocaine.  
  • It is unknown why Goopy never joined the household. Although it is assumed by Al that he died during his shipping process.  
  • It is theorized that Henry didn't in fact die of embarrassment, but that his criminal career finally caught up to him and was assassinated as a result.  
  • Mckinley likes to talk to herself, which, as stated by Al, makes her a real Duggart.  
  • Gumbo Cat from Al's Sims 3 Duggart series is referenced at the campsite in episode 46 when Steven prepares a Pot of Gumbo, the food.  
  • In episode 46, Mckinley was approached by frat boy who tried to offer her beer and to come over to his car. Al suspected he was a pedophile.  
  • Al has referred to Eileen as the "Meg Griffin of the Duggarts". As she is mostly ignored by the family and is out-shined by her more interesting sister, Mckinley.  
  • In an alternate universe in Carmageddon: Reincarnation - Part 1, Bobby makes a cameo as a being that is a half-human, half-cheeseburger that participates as a driver in a death race "Carmageddon" competition.  
  • Technically, the surname of Steven and Zelda's children should be Mae-Duggart, as Steven and Zelda weren't married.  

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