This page is about the Sims 3 version of The Duggarts. For the Sims 4 version, go to The Duggarts (Sims 4).

The Duggarts
The original Duggarts.

Remaining Members

Dancer Bueller, Devil Bobby



First Appearance

The Sims 3 - Part 1

The Duggarts are Al's family in the game The Sims 3, who are currently living in Sunset Valley. They started off as a random family Al created for Misc. Monday, but with it being so popular, they have transformed into their own series. This series is called "The Sims With Al!", which is now alternated with The Cop Family every other Saturday. Both series have been concluded, but The Duggart legacy lives on in the denizens of Sunset Valley, who still remember when the ghostly Duggart became the last one standing and rode upon his horse into the sunset.

Since this moment, Al has "resurrected" the family in The Sims 4 as The Duggarts (Sims 4), although that series has currently been put on halt and it is unknown if it will be concluded.

Due to the sheer amount of episodes, accidental deaths and incidents, and memorable family members, this original series is considered Al's best Sims playthrough between both the Sims 4 and Sims 3.

Family MembersEdit

  • Dancer Bueller
Dancer Bueller
Dancer Bueller in the Sims 3.


EP 140 -



Dancer Bueller is a horse that Devil Bobby adopted from Jarrod Dick of The Animal House that his horse, Ferris Bueller, gave birth to in episode 140. She has the traits Aggressive, Genius, and Untrained and was a small foal, but is now a full grown adult horse. She was reluctant to leave her mother at first, although after being promised food, she quickly ran to her new home. In episode 141, Al tried to send Dancer inside of the house, only to find out she was too big. After a failed attempt at placing larger doors in the house, Al eventually deleted the walls so that Dancer could enter the house. Once inside, Al put the walls back on the house, effectively trapping Dancer inside. She soon got into an argument with several paintings on the wall and got Devil Bobby to brush her. After several minutes inside, Al felt bad that Dancer was confined and released her out into the world. In episode 142, Dancer aged into an adult horse during the massive fire that spread inside of the Duggart residence. She watched the fire engulf the house from the safety of the front yard. On the verge of hysteria being couped up at the house, Dancer visits the horse playground in episode 143, where she jumped over one barricade before complaining about being hungry. She randomly teleported inside of the house in episode 144, unable to return back outside. She teleports back outside after Robbie's death. Devil Bobby rides Dancer off into the night at the end of episode 145, ending the Duggart series until The Sims 4.

  • Henry "Devil Bobby" Duggart (Ghost Form Bobby)
Devil Bobby
Devil Bobby in the Sims 3.


EP 132 -


Couch Potato

Nicknamed "Devil Bobby" by Al, the ghost form of Bobby is Henry "Bobby" Duggart's thinner and creepier ghost. After original Bobby's death, Oscar took Bobby's ashes to the science facility in episode 132. While they failed to bring him back to life, they managed to free Bobby's spirit from the Netherworld and he retained all of his previous relationships and skills. Al states that he is "a mass of demonic red energy". At the moment, Devil Bobby needs to feed on blood, (being a vampire in life) and his first victim was a woman who resembled the Queen of England; Holly Alto. In episode 133, Bobby meets Robbie and scares him greatly. In the same episode, he starts working on nanites and nanobots in the basement, just like he did when he was alive. In episode 135, Devil Bobby pursued his new dream by joining the Political Career. He wanted to throw a party to celebrate. He was promoted in episode 138 and given the complex task of making sure the staplers were working properly. In episode 143, it was revealed that Bobby was in a newly formed bond and friendship with his vehicle, a Delorean car. He was also promoted at work. In episode 145, Devil Bobby threw an old person feast party, where he found out a rumor was being spread about him that he peed himself in public. He then set the basement-basement on fire, resulting in the death of Sandi French. Unable to kill him after several attempts, Al decides that Devil Bobby deserves to live, and has him mount up Dancer so that the two can ride off into night. This ends the Duggart series until their return in The Sims 4.

Former MembersEdit

  • Kimmy Duggart
Kimmy Duggart
Kimmy Duggart before her death.


EP 22 - 102



Formerly Kimmy Koal, Kimmy is a sim that has existed in Al's town since episode 22. She has the traits Absent Minded, Good, Genius, Charismatic, and Artistic. Her and her family of severely obese people have appeared in a countless amount of episodes, but without any real importance and were mostly just featured in background shots. Al even regarded them as "That Ugly Family with the Deformed Faces". That has changed for Kimmy however, as recently, Al has begun making Bobby pursue a relationship with her. This pursuit has paid off in the end, as after several dates and Bobby getting her pregnant, Bobby married her in episode 87 and she moved into the Duggart household. Her and Bobby appear to be trying to lose some weight too, as in episode 86, both improved their athletic abilities by going for a swim at the local pool. She was formerly pregnant with Bobby's baby and her pregnancy outfit was a long white dress. In episode 88, Al bought her an art easel for her to improve her artistic abilities, as she enjoys painting. When she began painting, Al had no idea what her drawings were supposed to be, so he made her sell them for a small amount of money. In episode 89, Kimmy gave birth to Robbie Duggart, her and Bobby's new son. In episode, 90, Kimmy took Robbie for a walk in the new stroller at 4 in the morning to make all of the other mothers jealous. In episode 91, Kimmy showed the man from the future, Emit, their own time machine in the basement, even though it was supposed to remain a secret. She kissed Bobby goodbye before he traveled into the future with Emit in the same episode. Upon Bobby's return to the present, she had somehow learned of the women he had been flirting with in the future and accused him of cheating. After this, she began crying outside of the house from being betrayed. Bobby tried to approach her and apologize, although she was inconsolable and refused to listen; instead stealing Bobby's waffles out of spite. In episode 98, Kimmy donated money to The Plant a Money Tree foundation in an attempt to forget Bobby's betrayal. As of part 99, Kimmy and Bobby are now divorced due to Kimmy no longer wanting a relationship with Bobby. In the same episode, Kimmy's family, the Ogdens, moved to another town because of the good school system in that town, leaving Kimmy alone. In episode 100, it was revealed that between episodes Al locked Kimmy in the basement-basement with a television, a bath, a toilet, and a bed, but no way to get food. She remained down there for the entire episode. In episode 101, Al placed a table and a fridge down in the basement so she would be able to stay alive, wanting Bobby and her to work out their problems. In the same episode, Kimmy was able to escape from the basement by teleporting to the first floor using a plate of spoiled food. In episode 102, Al decided it was time to kill Kimmy using Bobby; shooting an explosive bullet into her mouth, killing her. Upon turning into a ghost, she lost a great amount of weight but retained her unusual face. Her gravestone is currently sitting in the basement-basement where she was held captive. She now makes occasional appearances as a ghost, much like the original Harold. It was revealed in episode 116 that her family actually hadn't moved away like they said and had most likely lied to get rid of her. She returned as a ghost in the next episode to possess her child's former furniture and to feed Gumbo a treat. Al wanted her to go away.

R.I.P. Kimmy Koal-Duggart

Episode 22-102

  • Replicant Harold Duggart
Replicant Harold Duggart
Harold Duggart
Replicant Harold before his "death".


EP 71 - 110



Replicant Harold Duggart is a clone/replicant of Harold Duggart that has traveled from the past with the rest of the family. Bobby invited him to join the Duggart household again in episode 71 and he happily accepts. He has a dislike of Mageru and robots in general, although he still enjoys playing the guitar and music even though he has no skill level anymore. He doesn't like the Bobby from the past, although he seems to like the present Bobby. He reclaims his old job in the music career in episode 71. In episode 73, Harold nearly burned to death. Despite being commanded, Mageru didn't help save him. Thankfully, Bobby came to the rescue. Also in episode 73, Replicant Harold finally met the Original Harold, which caused the Original Harold to become confused as to why there is another him. In episode 74, he took Waffles out on a walk and they both swam in a swimming pool. As of episode 81, Zelda and him are no longer friends, as they don't talk or interact anymore despite being in the same line of work. In episode 85, after conversing with the magic mirror in the house, Harold was given a suave white tuxedo to wear around. Al was very impressed by the outfit. In episode 98, Harold, for no apparent reason, attempted to kick Bobby out of the house. He was promoted in episode 99. In episode 102, Harold achieved his Lifetime Wish of becoming a Hit-Movie Composer, earning a huge salary as a bonus. In episode 107, Harold "kidnapped" Robbie and traveled with him into the future. After exiting the time portal, he began playing his old guitar for all of the future residents. However, he had apparently contracted Time Paradox Sickness, as in episode 109, he started blinking in and out of existence. In episode 110, his sickness took a fatal turn, upon entering one of the bathrooms in the community house in the future, Harold disappeared from existence.

R.I.P. Replicant Harold Duggart

Episode 71-110

  • Waffles Syrup 
Waffles Syrup

Ghost waffles

Alchestbreach waffles the killer by rosscuth-d64x89y

Waffles in the Sims 3.


EP 15 - 113



Waffles was originally a proud, hydrophobic, shape-shifting human death machine male dog named Lucky when Al adopted him in episode 15. Due to a tragic accident involving video settings, he was lost and sent to the hellish oblivion where all deleted data goes. The female Waffles that we all know is a dog Al created and moved into the household in episode 16, a Chow Chow by the well-known name of Waffles Syrup. Waffles often pisses on the floor on the house, resulting in Al's anger and Waffles being scolded. Waffles was an adult dog until episode 32, when she aged into an elder. She has a very puffy brownish coat. She seems to have a connection with the Submarine Cats and knows of their base, the reason they visit the Duggart household every day. Waffles is very clueless at times, but she is also loyal and a great hunter. Immediately after she made Bobby her BFF, Bobby abandoned Waffles to go to the library, and then was later arrested for being out past curfew. Waffles is a slut, often changing her BFF between Steven, Zelda, and Bobby. Aside from her family, she's also friends with Pudge Farks, another dog. In episode 40, Waffles went swimming for the first time at the local pool and saw Zelda get "splashed" by several men while there. She also befriended a raccoon. In episode 50, Waffles contracted fleas, but they were washed off shortly after by Bobby, who also contracted fleas thanks to her. Zelda officially taught Waffles how to hunt in episode 53. Waffles went on a hunt for metal in episode 69, but was only able to find a used chip bag. Waffles, along with Pudge and Gumbo, were taken by the government in episode 79 due to being neglected attention wise. Al remedied this by sending Henry back in time before the animals were taken away in episode 80, putting everything back to a somewhat normal state. In the same episode, due to a mistake in the timeline, Waffles transformed into a shape-shifting death machine, just as the former Waffles had, although she quickly morphed back into her regular dog form.  In episode 83, Waffles changed her BFF again, this time to Zelda. Zelda isn't currently living in The Duggart household, so it is unknown how the two are communicating, though it is possible that they are telepathically communicating with their minds through dreams. In episode 87, Waffles learned how to play dead. In episode 91, Waffles was sent on another hunt for metal, although this time his quests was to find the necessary parts required for the time traveling man to return home. After searching for only a few minutes, Waffles was able to find the conveniently placed cylinders placed on the lawn. She ran to Bobby and told him of her discovery; after which Bobby went and collected the pieces needed. Waffles received nothing for her efforts, although after doing what she was told she went back inside to eat food anyway. In episode 100, Waffles learned how to Speak, although Al was disappointed that she wasn't able to speak like a regular Sim. In episode 104, after learning how to shake, Waffles had learned every single trick she would be able to perform. In episode 105, Waffles played and splashed in the blood water spewing from the bathtub in the basement. Due to a glitch in a mod Al had installed, she, along with the rest of the Duggart family, joined Harold and Robbie in the future in episode 107. In episode 109, it was revealed that Al had sent her along with the other members of the Duggarts back to the present, off camera, leaving only Harold and Robbie. In episode 112, Gumbo and Waffles went on an adventure to the animal park, where she met a cat who was a master of disguise. Gumbo made sure he was with Waffles in case she died at the park. They ended up sleeping inside of the building the whole night. In the morning, Waffles met and attacked a random cat, kicking its ass. In episode 113, Waffles died from old age on Robbie's birthday, literally the second after Al came to the conclusion that pets apparently couldn't die. In episode 140, Waffles returns as a ghost and traveled outside to watch Devil Bobby sleep through the window. He then possessed an outdoor light.

R.I.P. Waffles Syrup

Episode 15-113

  • Steven Duggart
Steven Duggart

Steven (Old)

Steven Duggart

Steven in the Sims 3.


EP 1 - 126


Commitment Issues

Since episode 70, he no longer lives in the Duggart house. Steven works as an astronaut in the military and used to wear a cowboy hat. He doesn't really do anything interesting. He is Bobby's uncle. Steven has the traits Frugal, Coward, Artistic, Commitment Issues, and Slob. While he is lazy, he isn't as lazy as Bobby, as he will eat rotten or spoiled food left lying around while Bobby won't. He is also known to lick dirty plates off the dining table and faint when in the presence of anything supernatural (ghosts and The Grim Reaper). Although he is not experienced in gardening, fishing, or inventing, he did well as a scientist and was promoted several times. Steven later traded being a scientist to be a fighter jet pilot. He is also madly in love with Zelda Mae and they have currently kissed, "woohooed", and are now married. He was Top Gun of the Sims Air Force, but has been promoted to Astronaut. He threw a bachelor party in episode 56, in which two strippers and a fairy showed up. In episode 68, Steven, along with Zelda became elders. After reaching Elder status in episode 68, Al found out that the 2 can no longer have babies. Also during that episode, the two finally got married. In episode 70, Steven and Zelda moved out of the house because Al was tired of their oldness. In Episode 73, he is seen screaming at the fire occurring at a restaurant. In episode 78, a rumor was being spread about him that he was secretly an alien. In episode 86, another rumor about Steven was spread around, this time about him flirting with Lisa Bunch, however it's unknown whether it's the real Steven or the replicant Steven who was doing the flirting. In episode 99, people were saying that Steven had a terrible guilty secret. Again, it is unknown if it is the old Steven that they are talking about or the replicant. A rumor is currently being spread around that Steven Duggart is filthy rich, although again it is unknown if it is the old Steven or his replicant. In episode 106, he appeared at the Duggart's birthday party for Robbie and fainted in episode 107 when Debbie Camacho died. He seemed happy when Robbie blew out the candles and aged up. In episode 116, he, along with Zelda, were invited over to the Duggart household. While visiting, he was upset at the current state of the house and wondered why things had changed so much. It was revealed that he has a degree in Science and Medicine. In episode 126, it was revealed that Steven was close to dying and that they should visit him. Later in the episode, the family received a phone call that he died from old age. He will live on in their memory.

R.I.P. Steven Duggart

Episode 1-126

Pudge Farks
Pudge Farks in the Sims 3.


EP 32 - 127



Pudge Farks is a dog formerly owned by Doug Tanden who Al abducts in order to save her life when Bobby goes to assault The Horse House. Along with Pudge, she also takes her two puppies, Dakota and Cashew. It is unknown who the father of these puppies are, though it's possible that they were grown from Pudge's cells by The Horses. It was revealed in episode 61 that Pudge was in need of human interaction, as she had apparently never received any at her old house. She seemed indifferent about her puppies being adopted, as all they really did was piss everywhere. In episode 65, she was twerking on a wall for Waffles' entertainment. It was revealed in episode 73 that she had been carrying around a full-size car in her inventory along with a book. It is unknown how Pudge acquired the car, although it still resides in her inventory. Pudge, along with Gumbo and Waffles, were taken by the government in episode 79 due to being neglected attention wise. Al remedied this by going back in time before the animals were taken away in episode 80, putting everything back to normal. Just as Bobby had done with Waffles, in episode 88, Pudge was left behind at the park after Bobby took her for a walk and then went home. Even though Pudge was exhausted, she ran all the way home without falling down in the sand and dying, which was Al's fear. Pudge remained fairly neutral to Bobby and Kimmy's fighting throughout episodes 98 and 99, but near the end of 99, she attacked Kimmy for her actions towards Bobby. Due to a glitch in a mod Al had installed, she, along with the rest of the Duggart family, joined Harold and Robbie in the future in episode 107. In episode 109, it was revealed that Al had sent her along with the other members of the Duggarts back to the present, off camera, leaving only Harold and Robbie. In episode 112, Pudge aged into an elder dog. Pudge, who didn't get to go on an adventure earlier, went to the beach during a heavy rain shower in episode 114. She stared out at the ocean and contemplated life while thinking about Waffles, the friend she lost. After this, she began digging holes in the sand. Pudge died of natural causes in episode 127, hugging The Grim Reaper as he took her away. This made the entire household sad. Pudge appears once the fire is extinguished as a ghost in episode 128. She stares at Bobby's dead body before leaving.

R.I.P. Pudge Farks

Episode 32-127

  • Henry "Bobby" Duggart
Bobby Duggart

Bobby Future



Bobby in the Sims 3.


EP 1 - 128


Coach Potato

As the former youngest in the house, this lovable man child has been called the most popular Duggart many times. Bobby started out with the traits Absent-Minded, Clumsy, and Couch Potato, because Al said he wanted to make Bobby's life a living hell. As he went through life he developed the traits Charismatic and Friendly. Al calls him Bobby because he resembles Bobby Hill. He is rather lazy and used to sit in front of the TV all day, although the Duggart house has been bereft of a TV for quite a while. He is good friends with Malcolm Landgraab, Stindy Motley, Ludo Vicco, and the Duggarts' now-deceased neighbor Claire Ursine, the transvestite, but was arch-enemies with Doug Tanden, before his supposed death. Al formerly seemed to "use" Bobby the most, making him the main character in the series. It is unknown who will take his place now that he is deceased. He was also romantically interested in Sandi French, a vampire-zombie, though after learning she had a boyfriend, has decided to pursue Ayesha Ansari instead, before switching his attention to Kimmy Koal and is now going on dates with Sparkles Sanchez. During his time in college, it was revealed that Bobby is bisexual. Despite being a lazy moron, he got good grades and often went on adventures. Bobby often says his catch phrase, "I'm gonna conquer the world, one cheeseburger at a time." As of episode 25, Bobby is now a full grown adult. In episode 26, Bobby murdered Abraham Finkel with a sniper rifle, avenging Harold but being captured by police shortly after. In episode 28, Bobby got a job as a scientist in desperate hopes of reviving Harold. He also once saw a unicorn. Bobby hoped to bring Harold back to life with the "Life Giving Ambrosia Salad" made with the Death Fish and Life Fruit, although he gave this up when it became clear it would actually require effort. Bobby has recently made a chemical that turns people into cheeseburgers, but Steven doesn't believe it. Bobby also shot a baby raccoon in episode 38, although he didn't go to jail for it. In episode 45, Bobby quit his job in science to become a Ghostbuster; most likely to study ghosts to better understand how to bring back Harold. In episode 46, Henry shot and killed Mara Cavender, the lazy and skill-lacking maid, in the dining room. Bobby captured his first ghost in episode 47 in a house built on an ancient burial ground. Bobby had a near-death experience when he caught himself on fire in the basement in episode 52. Luckily, Zelda called the fire company and he was saved. In episode 55, he also tried to defend the house against zombies, which resulted in him firing an explosive shot of ammo, catching half of the house in a fire. In episode 60, Henry built a robot named "Tomas Duggart". Tomas and Bobby are best friends. Also during the episode, Bobby finally killed his arch enemy, Doug Tanden, by shooting him right before he entered his house, officially making him a serial killer. He also shot one of their horses through the process. During the course of the madness, he took Pudge, and her newborn babies Dakota and Cashew along with him. Under Al's command, Bobby blew up half of the kitchen in The Duggart household in episode 61. Bobby invented a Time Machine in episode 65 and has been using it to accidentally alter time and the other members of his family. In episode 67, Bobby came back from the future with his new "Tron 3 Outfit" as Al calls it. In a strange twist, Bobby found a younger version of Steven, Harold, and himself all living in a house down the street from them in episode 69. They had apparently traveled from the past (possibly due to a time paradox somehow caused by Henry), although Bobby couldn't comprehend anything that was going on, so he took a nap on the sofa instead. In episode 72, Bobby accomplished his Lifetime Wish of gaining 20 friends after befriending a ghost that was haunting a local house. In episode 73, he came to save Replicant Harold from a fire because Mageru couldn't. In episode 80, after completely neglecting Gumbo, Waffles and Pudge, a social worker took away all of the Duggart Pets. Thinking Sandi had adopted them, he, along with Mageru, attempted to assassinate her. Since she could not be killed, however, they targeted Christopher, her boyfriend, instead. After killing him, he went back in time to stop his pets being taken away by the government and was successful, as he actually spent time with the animals. All of the effects of what he did in the other future were also fixed with the time jump, such as killing Christopher and even Doug Tanden. In episode 82-84, Bobby gained the naughty reputation after flirting with 3 girls through the episodes. In episode 86, he officially became Kimmy's boyfriend and in the same episode, the two tried for a baby and were successful.  In episode 87, after getting her pregnant, Bobby married his lover in the living room of their house. In episode 89, Bobby went to the hospital with Kimmy to watch his new son be born. In episode 91, Bobby met a future time traveler named Emit Relevart, and traveled back to Emit's time, 2023 with him, leaving the rest of the Duggarts back in the present. In episode 92, Bobby was able to explore the future and all that it held. He gained and used a jet pack, flirted and had pillow fights with several of the future residents, and even went for a quick jog. In episode 94, Bobby gained a virtual pet, Cheebursa, that he is able to care of and play with. In episode 95, Bobby created Oscar, a Plumbot, as a new robot companion for him to have in the future. In the same episode, he went to go and meet his future family, where he was able to spend the night at their house to learn about them. In episode 97, Bobby returned to the present with Oscar. However, as he had been flirting with several women in the future, Kimmy had somehow learned about this and accused him of being a cheater, madly storming away from him after yelling. He gained the Cheater reputation from this. Following this, in episode 98, Bobby became a domestic abuser, slapping his wife in the face. As of part 99, Kimmy and Bobby are now divorced. In episode 102, Bobby shot an explosive round at Kimmy, killing her but engulfing the entire house in a fire. It was put out when the Grim Reaper appeared to take Kimmy's soul, however. In episode 103, he aged into a full-fledged adult and is currently having a mid-life crisis. Due to a glitch in a mod Al had installed, he, along with the rest of the Duggart family, joined Harold and Robbie in the future in episode 107. Upon arriving in the future, Bobby began wearing a necklace and actually allowed a small layer of hair to grow out, leading Al to believe Bobby had joined a gang. In episode 109, it was revealed that Al had sent him along with the other members of the Duggarts back to the present, off camera, leaving only Harold and Robbie. It is unknown what will happen to Bobby's new gang. In episode 112, Bobby asked the original Harold to turn him into a vampire. In episode 114, the transformation took effect and Bobby turned into a vampire, just like he had requested. In episode 118, his newly resurfaced arch enemy Doug Tanden, sent Bobby a Love Note. It is unknown if this is ploy for some bigger scheme or if his feelings are genuine, although it is most likely the latter. In episode 121, Bobby enrolled into university and got a partial scholarship to help pay for his education. There, Bobby moved into the Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity, where he quickly made friends with his new roommates, such as Ludo Vicco, Reid Durham, Rex Lovelace, Steve Texas and Cid Severus. Bobby returned home from college in episode 126, becoming much more knowledgeable during his visit. In episode 128, Bobby was killed by thirst and subsequently turned into ash during the fire that was caused by Robbie after a fit of madness at his birthday party.

R.I.P. Henry "Bobby" Duggart

Episode 1-128

Zelda Duggart


Zelda Mae (The Sims 3)

Zelda in the Sims 3.


EP 10 - 131


Party Animal
Green Thumb
Easily Impressed

Since episode 70, she no longer lives in the Duggart house. Zelda is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3 and is married to Steven. She finally moved in with the Duggarts in episode 47. She enjoys playing the guitar and woohoo'ing with Steven. Her and Steve also tried for a baby in episode 46, but she was not successfully fertilized, since a sound usually plays, and persistent vomiting follows. Al moved Zelda in so she and Steven could live together upon request. In episode 50, she rejected Steven's request to get married at their wedding party, causing quite a scene. She also had a close encounter with a zombie that rose and tried to attack the Duggart house, but the sun came up before the zombie could do any real damage. Although their name is unknown, Zelda befriended a vampire at her work place in episode 60. Zelda threw a bachelorette party in episode 64, in which the same fairy that appeared at Steven's party appeared as well as two male strippers. Her party was more successful than Steven's however, as the guests partied through the night with non-stop dancing and pillow fights while Bobby met one of his many doppelgangers. The guests remarked it as "the party of the year". In episode 65, due to Bobby's trip back in time, Zelda accidentally stepped on an educators foot, changing her career in the present from music to education right as her Lifetime Wish was about to be fulfilled. She then got back into Music soon after, but was demoted a few levels. In episode 68, she, along with Steven, became elders. However, after becoming elders, Al learned that they could no longer have a child. Also in episode 68, after years of trying, Zelda and Steven finally got married privately in their bedroom. In episode 70, Steven and Zelda moved out of the house because Al was tired of their oldness. They are now currently living in a small house atop the town. In episode 83, Waffles changed her BFF again, this time to Zelda. Zelda isn't currently living in The Duggart household, so it is unknown how the two are communicating, though it is possible that they are telepathically communicating with their minds through dreams. In episode 111, Waffles and Zelda became "old friends", as she no longer sees Waffles despite the two becoming BFFs. In episode 116, she and Steven were invited over to the Duggart household, although she, upon receiving the invitation, quickly decided to stay at home instead. In episode 126, Bobby visited Zelda to see how she was handling the death of Steven. He consoled her and was reminded that there was a hotter, younger version of Steven still in the town. He built three snowmen outside of her house to cheer her up and then ran away to chase a deer. Zelda died at the end of episode 131 of natural causes.

R.I.P Zelda Mae-Duggart

Episode 23-131

  • Harold "Old Man" Duggart
Harold Duggart


Harold Duggart

Harold Duggart in the Sims 3.


EP 1 - 142



Harold was the eldest and probably most productive member of the Duggart family. Harold had the traits Good, Virtuoso, Grumpy, Genius, and Workaholic. Unlike Steven and Bobby, he actually got work done around the house. Harold was seen repairing things that were constantly broken around the house. Harold used to work as a scientist like Steven, but changed to be in his dream career as a musician. In his short life as an old man, Harold achieved his life goal and became a world famous rock 'n roll musician, and often got picked up for work in the "Commie Bus". Harold was Bobby's grandpa, hence the nickname "Grandpa Duggart". In episode 25, Harold died during Bobby's birthday party, right in front of Steven's soon-to-be girlfriend Zelda. It is assumed that Abraham Finkel set up Harold's death by making a deal with The Grim Reaper, then amongst the confusion, he made his get away. The death of Harold "Old Man" Duggart made Bobby and Steven cry repeatedly. In the sight of the Grim Reaper, Steven fainted 3 times. Since his death, Bobby has vowed to resurrect him at all costs. Harold's ghost finally reappeared in episode 50 to play video games on the computer, which allowed Al to try and get him back via Gumbo. Unfortunately, Al couldn't turn Harold back to normal, so Harold is now a ghost vampire. In episode 60, Harold returned to the house again to make sure that his internet browsing history was really gone for good, but discovered the computer had been destroyed in a fire. He then talked to Bobby, and remarked how everyone in the netherworld is enormous. In episode 63, Mageru had the opportunity to resurrect Harold but Al couldn't find the urn containing his ashes, Steven got the same opportunity in episode 64, but Al could STILL not find his urn. In episode 65, Al looks all over the basement and the second basement, but still fails to find his urn. Even after looking in the graveyard, it was no where to be found, to which Al says : "Harold's dead guys, welcome to the real world." Harold then reappears in episode 71. Al is worried because he does not know how to explain Replicant Harold to Real Ghost Harold. He did not greet the Replicant Harold the next time he arose from his grave, signifying that the two may become enemies. At some point during his stay in the afterlife, he purchased a laptop. In episode 112, Bobby requested Harold to bite him in order to turn him into a vampire, which he does. In episode 120, Harold confessed his absolute hatred for the entire family before returning to the afterlife. In episode 135, Devil Bobby receives the opportunity to bring someone back to life, and after FINALLY finding Harold's tombstone before heading to the Science Facility. Just as with Devil Bobby, he is brought back and has his spirit free from the Netherworld, although is still in ghost form and has retained all of his skills and relationships. In episode 142, Harold lost his grip in the mortal realm and got sent to the Netherworld, unable to be restored any further.

R.I.P. Harold Duggart

Episode 1-142

  • Mageru-5000 100
Mageru-5000 100
Mageru in the Sims 3.


EP 60 - 144



Formerly named Tomas Duggart, he is the first robot of the Duggart family and is Bobby's best friend. He was purchased with Bobby's Life Time Wish Points in episode 60, costing 40,000 points. He is hydrophobic, although this makes sense because he is a robot. Al remarked how both Tomas and the Futurama character Bender, who is also a robot, really enjoy alcohol. Al said he and Bobby would "kill stuff together". Despite this, Bobby left him on his journey to kill the horse people. He has been shown to enjoy beer a lot. Mageru slept together with Bobby in his bed in episode 61, truly showcasing their friendship. He shorted out and was rendered unusable for a short period of time in episode 63 after bathing Waffles, although Al had Bobby repair him and get him back to normal. In the same episode, Mageru-5000 100 was revealed to be gay, as he was flirting and romantically hugging the owner of "The Horse House", Mikel. He assaulted The Horse House for what would hopefully be the last time and tried to blow it up using his own gun. While various objects exploded around the house, Mageru took aim at the door of the house and the bullet pierced through the door, shooting Mikel, the owner, and killing him. Before quickly making an escape, he stopped to shoot both The Grim Reaper and Stingle, one of the horses. In episode 70, Mageru's homosexuality is expanded upon when he goes out on a date, and shares his first kiss with a man named Gusto. Mageru seems to treat electronics as people, seeing how he cried when the computer broke. He also takes the first step to accomplishing his dream of being a FireFighter in episode 71 after taking a job in the area. He went to work for the first time in episode 72 and, instead of going to put out a fire, he destroyed a chair in the Fire Station for a food source. In episode 73, he was sent to stop a chaotic fire occurring at a restaurant, of which the Replicant Harold was at. Instead of actually extinguishing the fire, he let Harold burn and let another sim, who resembled Tom Green, die. Despite this, he was promoted. In episode 80, he went to murder Sandi for taking their pets, but ultimately failed. In the chaos of losing their pets, back at the Duggart house, Mageru set fire to the place. Luckily, Henry was able to fix everything before the house was burned down when he went back in time. In episode 88, Mageru went to the town's only tavern to have a drink and met with Ayesha, where the two then partied throughout the night. In episode 97, Mageru is not home when Bobby returns from the future, because he is trying to control a gnome infestation with Sandi French, his fellow Fire Fighter and Bobby's former love interest. In episode 102, Mageru once again failed to put out a raging house fire, preferring instead to sit outside and observe. In episode 106, Mageru began flirting with replicant Steven and wished to share a kiss with him, although Al quickly stopped him. Due to a glitch in a mod Al had installed, he, along with the rest of the Duggart family, joined Harold and Robbie in the future in episode 107. For some reason when Mageru came back to the future, he had a desert-camo pattern covering his body, leading Al to speculate he had not used the time-machine, and simply buried himself in the desert until the right year arrived. In episode 109, it was revealed that Al had sent him along with the other members of the Duggarts back to the present, off camera, leaving only Harold and Robbie. In episode 113, Mageru and Oscar shared their first romantic dance, which lasted until Al began screaming at Oscar for breaking the computer. In episode 116, Mageru went to the Town Hall to accept a Service Reward from the town for saving about 10 out of 100 people from fires. He and Robbie were invited over to the replicant Bobby Duggart's party in episode 132, where the two of them erupt on the dance floor. While out on a date at the park with Stindy in episode 135, he short circuits and forces Devil Bobby to appear and fix him, as she freaks out and leaves. The two argue after he is fixed. Shortly after he extinguishes a fire and receives a medal for his bravery. In episode 144, while working at the fire station, Mageru's hardware finally gives due to old age, killing the old robot.

R.I.P. Mageru-5000 100

Episode 60-144

  • Robbie Duggart
Robbie Duggart

Robbie old

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Robbie in the Sims 3.


EP 89 - 144



Robbie Duggart is Bobby and Kimmy's son that was born in episode 89. There were many names Al had planned for him such as Timmy, Tomas and Donnie, but he ultimately went with Robbie. He has the traits Excitable, Clumsy, Nurturing, Technophobe, and Artistic. He has several dolls, although only one of them, Riley, became an imaginary friend. Upon arriving home, he was placed on the floor of the house, as they had not previously bought any baby furniture. In the same episode, Al added an extension on to the house for his room. Robbie got pushed around in a stroller through the town at 4 in the morning in episode 90 so that Kimmy could make all of the other mothers in town jealous. He was traumatized by the fighting of his parents in episode 98 and 99. In episode 100, Robbie aged into a Toddler after Al procrastinated in throwing a birthday party for him. He now wears just a diaper and shoes around the house. In episode 101, Bobby taught him how to walk. He was very upset about his mother's death in episode 102, but it is likely he will forget about her soon anyway. Robbie aged into a purple-haired metrosexual child in episode 107 at his birthday party. In the same episode, Robbie traveled to the future with Harold, where he instantly began playing with his toy upon arriving. He also ran to the park, where he was able to meet and play tag with a female version of himself. During episode 109, Robbie asked a creepy old man for a bedtime story. After finishing the story, the creepy old man kissed Robbie. Upon Replicant Harold's death in episode 110, Robbie was forced back into the present because as a child, he could not be in the future on his own. In episode 114, he had his birthday and aged into a teen. After witnessing the death of Waffles in the same episode, Oscar explained the premise of death to him and told him there was no hope in the world. In episode 115, he ran outside after being disgusted by the technology inside of the house and decided to eat his breakfast in the rain. In the same episode, he began taking an interest in music and art, just like his great-grandfather and his mother. In episode 117, Robbie went to the prom, where he was voted and crowned Prom King and experienced a wardrobe malfunction. In the same episode, one of Robbie's dolls, Riley, came to life and started to talk to Robbie about where he came from and how he enjoys murder. Later Robbie somehow set Riley on fire by daring him to divide by zero, and left him burning for several hours. In episode 118, he finally extinguished the imaginary friend and mostly ignored the doll as it followed him around everywhere. In episode 126, to celebrate his father's return from college, he decided to group up with him and visit the local bar in the town. Once the two arrived, Robbie quickly left his father to eat purple goo and converse with a supermodel. He was soon arrested after trying to run home after his curfew, leaving Bobby behind at the bar. He witnessed the death of another animal in episode 127, this time, the animal was Pudge. He cried and wept with the current maid; the maid seemingly happy that Pudge had died. In episode 128, in order to ensure chaos at his birthday party, Robbie started a fire by shooting an explosive bullet at an object in the house. He and Gumbo manage to escape, although the fire soon engulfs in the house and he accidentally kills his father in the process. In episode 129, in order to try and finish his father's wish, he took Oscar outside and was prepared to shoot him until he flew away on his hoverboard. Robbie then went inside and began learning about robotic design and bot building to become an expert. Al also forced him face his fear in this episode, as Oscar was in need of a tune up and made Robbie, the technophobe, repair him. He was electrocuted upon finishing. In episode 131, he aged into an adult sim and began having a mid-life crisis. In episode 132, he joined the Painter career. In episode 137, Robbie went out on a date with Lisa Bunch, an old woman, confirming that he's a gerontophile. Later that episode, Robbie unintentionally committed double homicide at the junkyard by shooting two sims, Madison VanWatson, an elderly sim mermaid he was planning on dating, and Monte Goldsmith, the sim he was intending to kill. Robbie later retreated to the Lifers' house after the murders, where he flirted with Reggie. In episode 139, Robbie tries to paint a self portrait of Gumbo before he dies. However, once he completes the painting, it is too dark to actually see Gumbo and it just looks like a black blob on a canvas. Once Robbie sold the painting, he earned a promotion. He discovered a new Tiny Blue Sub Giant star in episode 140 and promptly named it Oreos. In episode 142, he aged into an elder sim. After blowing out the candles on his cake, the house caught on fire and erupted into flames. Although several people died, including Reggie Taters, the guests said they had a good time. He visited his replicant father, Bobby, in episode 143 to wish him a happy death and stayed at the house to enjoy breakfast. He died of old age in the bedroom in episode 144 upon waking up in the morning, right in front of the maid.

R.I.P. Robbie Duggart

Episode 89-144

  • Oscar
Oscar in the Sims 3.


EP 95 - 144


Friendly Functions

Originally supposed to be named Prototype 001, Oscar is a robot that Bobby created in the future using his Bot-Building skills and the local robot facility in the town. He has a single eye and an incredibly deep voice. Bobby installed the Friendly Functions, Efficient, and Handibot Trait Chips into him. As soon as he was created in episode 95, Bobby wanted to give him a gift, although Al had no idea what to give him. Oscar enjoys scanning multiple targets and potential threats to Bobby, as that is what he is programmed for. Bobby considers him his child, as he was the one who created him, although Oscar doesn't really care. His favorite color is blue. He is also able to siphon power from electronic objects to increase his Battery Power. He was able to quickly become friends with residents of the future, as well as being able to learn the fabled "High Five" humans commonly do. In episode 96, he tried to flirt and become friends with a Technophobic woman, although after hours of trying, he got no where. In episode 97, he returns to the present with Bobby and is eager to meet the animals of the house. However, as soon as he entered, Gumbo instantly hated him and began trying to attack him. Oscar did not understand why Gumbo hated him however, and continued to try bathing him. He continued trying to help Gumbo in episode 98 and 99, although Gumbo wouldn't stop attacking him. This did not hinder Oscar however, as he remains very interested in trying to become friends with Gumbo. Al sent him away so he would stop assaulting Gumbo in episode 99 and he stayed with the Lifers, RLF family, until 3:15 in the morning when they kicked him out. After annoying Gumbo for episode 100-102, Bobby adjusted his trait chips in the hopes that he would finally leave Gumbo alone. It didn't work. In episode 104, Oscar began reacting irrationally due to his maintenance being low and began short-circuiting. This act caused Oscar to bother the others members of the Duggart house, such as Gumbo and Harold. Al sent him away because of this, although he returned later when Bobby was able to fix him, and actually improved him by making him a robo-nanny, and giving him full sentience. With these new abilities in hand, Oscar proceeded to take care of Robbie, and he finally left Gumbo alone. Due to a glitch in a mod Al had installed, he, along with the rest of the Duggart family, joined Harold and Robbie in the future in episode 107. In episode 109, it was revealed that Al had sent him along with the other members of the Duggarts back to the present, off camera, leaving only Harold and Robbie. In episode 113, Mageru and Oscar shared their first romantic dance, which lasted until Al began screaming at Oscar for breaking the computer. It was also revealed that he was waterproof, as he was able to swim at the community pool without being effected by the water, unlike Mageru. Through episodes 115-117, Oscar continually tried to converse with people and talk about miniscule subjects no one actually cared about, which infuriated Al and he stated that he never really liked Oscar and he wants him to do something useful. In episode 126, just as he had done with Kimmy, Al sent Oscar down to the basement basement and locked him in there with the same accommodations she was given. While there, Kimmy came back from the dead and conversed with Oscar, possibly warning him about their plan to dispose of him. In episode 128, after spending three episode in the basement, he manages to escape once the fire Robbie started occurs. In episode 129, before he was about to be shot by Robbie, he flew away on his hoverboard to the beach to play in the water. In episode 132, he took Bobby's urn to the Science Facility to bring his ghost back to life, which then resulted in Devil Bobby. Oscar thought he did a good job. In episode 134, Al attempted to kill Oscar by sending him to the local swimming pool, where he went swimming with the replicant Steven. Unfortunately for Al, he is water proof and his plan ultimately fails. In episode 141, in an attempt to get rid of Oscar, Al sends him to Stonehenge to try and dispose of him. He returns, and in episode 144, he pillow fights with the Grim Reaper after Robbie's death. Finally, after episodes of trying, Oscar dies in the front yard of the house after Al commands him to commit suicide.

R.I.P. Oscar

Episode 95-144

  • Gumbo "Grumbs" Cat
Gumbo Cat
Gumbo in the Sims 3.


EP 46 - 145



Gumbo Cat was a kitten that Zelda's cat gave birth to and Steven adopted in episode 46. He has the traits Aggressive, Adventurous, Playful, Hyper, Neat, and Non-Destructive. Al claimed that Gumbo was a rogue cop. Steven was hissed at by Gumbo, which prompted him to leave him behind at his old house, but Gumbo Cat was determined to meet his family and began a journey to the Duggart house. He took five steps on his journey and fell into a sinkhole, but climbed his way out. Gumbo ran for several hours until he eventually made it to The Duggart household. Gumbo is a very small cat with a large face, small ears, and a reddish orange coat of fur. He seems to dislike Zelda and Steven but likes Bobby and has recently become enemies with Mageru, along with Oscar. He also seems to have a strong friendship with Waffles, as the two can usually be seen playing together. Because of his small size, Gumbo frequently trips over his own paws and falls on his face, although it doesn't harm him. Gumbo Cat, along with Zelda, had a run in with a zombie, GooBorp Motley, that tried to attack the Duggart house, but ended up attacking plants in the Duggart's garden. Since then, he hasn't done anything interesting, mainly because no one seems to pay any attention to him. Gumbo, along with Waffles and Pudge, were taken by the government in episode 79 due to being neglected attention wise. Al remedied this by going back in time before the animals were taken away in episode 80, putting everything back to normal. In episode 85, Gumbo was aged into an adult cat and became friendly towards humans, learned how to control his bladder, and can now vomit at will. After turning into an adult cat, he did all of the things he had ever wanted to do in life, like play in the bathtub and drink from the toilet. In episode 86, Gumbo conquered the Cat Castle in the back yard. A zombie emerged from the ground right in front of Gumbo while he sat inside the castle, although he was unaffected by this because of his past experiences with zombies. In episode 97, when Bobby returned to the future with Oscar, Gumbo was the first one to meet the new robot of the house. Gumbo, however, hates robots, and quickly became enemies with the machine. In episodes 98 and 99, Gumbo continually assaulted Oscar as he tried to play with him. Throughout the episodes, Gumbo attacked the machine, although Oscar didn't stop trying to make amends. The same thing occurred through episodes 100 to 102, as Oscar refused to leave Gumbo alone. Bobby then adjusted the robots trait chips, but unfortunately for the cat, Oscar refused to leave Gumbo alone. In episode 106, Bobby brought shame to Gumbo and embarrassed him in front of the town when he gave him a bath in front of their house. Gumbo was aroused by the act. Due to a glitch in a mod Al had installed, he, along with the rest of the Duggart family, joined Harold and Robbie in the future in episode 107. In episode 109, it was revealed that Al had sent him along with the other members of the Duggarts back to the present, off camera, leaving only Harold and Robbie. In episode 112, while Gumbo and Waffles argued about different animals they liked, it was revealed that Gumbo was actually part French and owned a company that could create Lightning bolts. Waffles wasn't impressed. The two later went to the animal park and played together in front of the cat castle. They ended up sleeping inside of the building the whole night. The next morning, he attacked several visitors and met a duplicate of himself named Garfield. In episode 113, Gumbo mourned the death of Waffles, his best friend, by staring solemnly out a window. In episode 117, Gumbo secretly wished death on Oscar and would not stop complaining about the robot while in the bathroom. In episode 118, Gumbo tried to claim the dining table in the kitchen as his own. Mageru tried to shoo him off of the table and Al threatened to push him off, although Gumbo whined and complained about having to move. He eventually moved and after doing so, swore death on Oscar. Gumbo decided to go on an adventure in episode 126 through the freezing cold wind and snow and visit the Replicant Duggarts. He soon scratched on their door and was given a massive amount of attention by the family. This included a belly rub. In episode 127, Gumbo tried to live with the Replicants instead of his actual family, shouting that everyone was too old in the other house. In episode 128, he aged into an elder cat, although soon cried about Pudge's death. In the same episode, he was sent to the basement to be protected from the fire Robbie was about to cause. In episode 129, he was sent out on an adventure through the town to visit a local household late at night while it snowed. Al narrated his journey and Gumbo saw a deer for the first time while venturing. In episode 134, Devil Bobby formed a bond with Gumbo on Love Day, although Gumbo missed getting attention from Bonehilda instead. His love for Bonehilda is displayed in episode 143, when Al shoots and kills Bonehilda right in front of Gumbo. He whines and meows, signifying his dissatisfaction with her death. He cheers up soon after this however, when the ghost of Waffles visits him and the two play together like old times. Gumbo is quite pleased with Oscar's death in episode 144, claiming that he's always hated that robot. He dies peacefully of old age in episode 145, after saying one last farewell to Dancer and Devil Bobby.

R.I.P. Gumbo Cat

Episode 46-145

  • Casher

    Cashew Farks

    Cashew Farks

Cashew Farks is one of Pudge's puppies and is a pure white dog, who doesn't bear much resemblance to Pudge. Cashew is older than his sister Dakota and like her and Pudge, was abducted into the family in episode 60. Cashew didn't have a bed in episode 61 to sleep on, which caused him to pass out on the floor. Both him and Dakota were put up for adoption in episode 62, although Cashew invented a plan on how to kill the family so that they wouldn't have to leave. Before he was able to execute the plan though, Dakota ended up being adopted, leaving Cashew alone. He angrily chewed up one of The Death Dogs and was adopted by a family (possibly the same that adopted Dakota) shortly afterwards in episode 63.

  • Dakota Farks

    Dakota Farks

Dakota Farks is one of Pudge's puppies and is the more similar of the two in relation to Pudge, as she has two brown patches over her eyes. She was abducted into the family in episode 60, along with her brother Cashew and mother Pudge. She enjoys pissing on the floor of the house and has a habit of constantly being tired. She, along with her brother, were put up for adoption in episode 62 and she was adopted in the same episode by a family.


While in the future, Bobby is able to meet eventual members of the Duggart households many years (perhaps centuries) later in life. Thanks to the destruction of the "present" Duggarts, they have likely ceased to exist. But their survival may be revealed in Sims 4.

  • Gwen
    Gwen Duggart

Gwen is the long lost descendant of Kimmy and Bobby Duggart and is the wife of Virgil and the mother of Robin. Bobby meets her for the first time in episode 95 and quickly gets to learn about her and her life in the future. She reveals that The Duggarts have made love to many llamas. Gwen has her own virtual pet, just like Bobby. She has the traits Coward, Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Childish, and Neat. She invites Bobby to spend the night at their house in episode 95, where Bobby is able to upgrade the food storage units in the house. While Bobby visited the house, Gwen was not wearing clothes for most of it and just walked around in her sleepwear, which Al said was a trait she got from Kimmy. It is unknown if she still exists, as when Robbie aged up, something in the timeline went corrupt.

  • Virgil Duggart
Virgil is the long lost descendant of Kimmy and Bobby Duggart and is the husband of Gwen. Bobby first meets Virgil in the same episode as Gwen. However, unlike with Gwen, Virgil did not believe Bobby was from the past until he is able to show him a picture of himself. Upon realization of Bobby, Virgil became very excited to meet him and expressed a great interest in learning about the past. He has the traits Angler, Vehicle Enthusiast, Excitable, Ambitious, and Artistic. He appears to have the same facial structure as Kimmy and has passed this along to his son, Robin, along with his purple hair. It is unknown if he still exists, as when Robbie aged up, something in the timeline went corrupt.
  • Robin Duggart
Robin is the son of Virgil and Gwen and is a teenager in the Descendant Household of The Duggarts. He is jealous of his mother and fathers relationship and seems to resent them both, which is shown when he snuck over to his mother to scare her. He also has a virtual pet resembling an orange fish, most likely as a gift from his mother. Him and his mother ran outside to play tag in episode 96, which greatly freaked Al out. When Bobby first approached him, he also did not believe that he was from the past, but eventually came to see the light. Robin and Bobby both share a love of llamas and quickly became friends by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. It is unknown if he still exists, as when Robbie aged up, something in the timeline went corrupt.
  • Nicola Duggart

Nicola is the long lost descendant of Replicant Harold Duggart. She likes the moon and tries to avoid most questions relating to the future; redirecting the person's attention to a virtual picture she can summon at will. She is wealthy, although it is not known how rich she is. In episode 107, Harold could not find her house, thus, he invited her out to the park so they could chat. During the conversation, she refused to actually converse about topics, and instead, showed Harold virtual pictures of dogs. Harold moved in with her in the same episode, choosing to leave Robbie at the community center. The status of her existence is unknown, since Replicant Harold has died.

Generations of DuggartsEdit


  • Malcolm Landgraab wants to take over the world like Bobby. However unlike Bobby, he has threatened to kill babies.
  • Despite Al noting various times that Bobby's favorite food is cheeseburgers, it is actually pancakes. Strangely, the family makes waffles over pancakes most of the time.
  • According to Al in Episode 1, the house the Duggarts live in is a "lovely aquatic dinner".
  • In episode 8, Bobby becomes a teenager after a birthday party in the bathroom.
  • Harold was originally supposed to be named Jofun.
  • The Duggarts' address is 9 Sun Song Ave. Sunset Valley.
  • Bobby is bald because when he was born, the doctor thought his hair was a growth and ripped it out.
  • In episode 10, Steven celebrated his birthday and lost his cowboy hat.
  • In episode 12, Harold befriends an insane little girl who wants to sell him video tapes of her vomiting in the trash.
  • In episode 15, Waffles glitches to look like a skinny human-dog for a few seconds, leading Al to the discovery that Waffles is a murderous robot dog.
  • Waffles was originally a male dog and a different breed entirely but was destroyed and sent to the hellish oblivion where deleted data goes, due to Al applying changes to his video settings thinking they would not restart the game. AI decided to create a new Waffles to the best of his abilities, much to his dismay. While recreating Waffles he mixed-up the female and male sign. He still believes her to be male (on the inside) and always refers to her as a him. Strangely, though Waffles had been destroyed, all the stuff Al purchased for him was not.
  • Originally, Waffles was going to be named Twenty-Two Hours, but it couldn't fit.
  • Al said in episode one Steven found the cowboy hat in the trash after taking Bobby to a cheeseburger factory.
  • In episode 26, Abraham was killed by Bobby with a sniper rifle from a weapon mod. Bobby was later arrested.
  • Harold has appeared in the Duggart household as a ghost innumerable amounts of time after he died. He may have possessed a dirty plate once.
  • After Harold quit his job as a test subject, there was an explosion at the lab. Quitting his job possibly saved his life.
  • In episode 1, Al states that Bobby has type 1 diabetes.
  • Bobby has had many hobbies in the series. These include inventing, killing, ghost hunting, eating, building plumbots, befriending wild animals, committing arson and terrorism, time travelling and much more.
  • The Duggarts have had many goals put on them by Al. The list includes assassinating Abraham, reviving Harold, kidnapping Pudge, dating Sandi, dating Kimmie, dating the whole town, burning the Horse House down, making ambrosia, dating Zelda and much more.
  • Since Bobby lived with his uncle and grandfather, it is safe to assume that his parents are dead.
  • Waffles seems to relate to Rex from Fallout New Vegas, as they are both cyborg dogs and have both appeared in Al's videos.
  • Steven has two secret shames: dumpster diving and a habit of licking unclean plates.
  • All members of the Duggarts (except for the pets, robots and Robbie and Kimmy) are preset Sims with randomized traits, making them easy to recreate.
  • Waffles can now vomit at will.
  • Upon dating Claire (Bobby's crush), Steven discovered she was in love with a man named Abraham. Steven wished to murder Abraham after that, so Bobby shot Abraham in episode 26, fulfilling Steven's wish.
  • Waffles often dreams of fires and wars, which is probably a trait of a shape-shifting, human, death machine dog.
  • In episode 20, Al built a basement to fulfill his wish of killing Abraham. He stored a sniper rifle there, which Bobby used in episode 26 to kill Abraham.
  • In episode 5 at around the 3 minute mark, Al catches the first glimpse of Abraham, although he did not know that at the time.
  • Ayesha Ansari, a young adult, asked Harold, an old man, on a date the day before his death in episode 25.
  • In episode 25, Harold died in front of the Duggart house while Zelda (Steven's future wife) watched.
  • In episode 26, Bobby goes to jail because he killed Abraham with a sniper rifle.
  • Bobby's favorite music genre is Electronica, his favorite artist being Skrillex, who he stays up listening to all night.
  • Bobby seems to be able to temporarily grow hair in certain painful situations, such as electrocution and being hit by an explosion. 
  • Tragically, right after Bobby murdered Abraham so that Steven could later marry Abraham's girlfriend Claire, while Bobby was on his way to jail, Claire said she was no longer friends with Steven because she hadn't seen him in a long time. Likely because he, Harold and Bobby were busy trying to find and assassinate Abraham.
  • It is often said that the story behind Harold's death is that Abraham was in with the C.I.A  (the ice cream truck often seen parked outside the Duggarts' house.). He learned of their plot to kill him during Bobby's birthday party, made a deal with The Grim Reaper to kill Harold and escaped in the confusion.
  • Steven was the first character Al created in episode 1 of The Sims. Steven was originally going to be named Danny Rowds. Al didn't realize how The Sims 3 worked however, and accidentally made Danny his own family. He deleted Danny and created the Duggarts, although Al says when creating the Duggarts that he misses Danny.
  • According to Al, the reason Harold's ghost returned to the house was to delete his internet browsing history. His ghost remained in the house for 3 hours, which caused Al to yell "How much fucking porn did you have on there!?"
  • Harold is wearing a pitch black watch, but it is unable to be seen because it clips inside his sweater vest.
  • Al repeatedly noted in Create a Sim about how Harold looks like Mr. Rogers.
  • On Bobby's birthday as a child, Al accidentally clicked Bella Bachelor's name on the cake he had bought for Bobby, causing her to age up instead.
  • Some believe (including Al) that Harold was actually former president Richard Nixon in disguise.
  • In episode 22, Bobby discovered a family of wealthy, inbred, Hutt-like people. The members included Bizarro George Lucas, the Death Vulcan, and the Amazon Sisters, one of which was Kimmy, Bobby's future wife. They had a kitten named Pookie which they planned to consume in some sort of cult ritual known only as "The Feeding." Pookie begged Bobby to rescue him but Bobby basically just said "Fuck off, I'm going to seduce that Amazon." This resulted in Pookie pissing on Bobby's shoe.    
  • In episode 25, the Duggarts finally hired a maid to clean up all the shit in the house, her name being Mara Cavender.
  • In episode 29, Bobby saw a unicorn that was created by the demons in the town's science lab. He then fed it a red crayon that he had in his pocket.
  • Although Bobby's favorite food is cheeseburgers, he rarely eats them.
  • In episode 29, Steven had his first kiss with Zelda at the community pool.
  • There is vodka and gin in the basement. Steven often drinks gin from the basement. He seems to get drunk a lot when Zelda Mae comes over.
  • Steven and Zelda both seem to have a keen interest in art, seeing as how that's all they talk about when not flirting, or hugging amorously.
  • Harold may have been a communist, since in his later years he rode the local commie bus everywhere.
  • Waffles seems to behave well with cats but seems to avoid other dogs. It is possible that this is because most of them enjoy rolling around in Waffles' own piss. 
  • The family is usually being watched by the C.I.A; also know as The Concealed Ice Cream Android.
  • Bobby attempted to burn down the Ricton's household in episode 32, because Doug, the child in the house, became mortal enemies with Bobby. After leaving grilled cheese he was making on the stove, Bobby was kicked out of the house by Doug. 
  • Since turning into a Young Adult, Bobby has been asked frequently on dates by different women in the town. He usually accepts all of them but doesn't follow up by talking to them ever again. Because so many people ask Bobby out on dates, Al usually doesn't pay attention to the names that are displayed, which sometimes causes Steven to go on dates with these girls because they had asked him out instead of Bobby. 
  • Bobby seems to be an expert marksman, being able to hit Abraham Finkel at a far distance (while Abraham was running to meet his fiance) and also being able to shoot a baby raccoon in episode 38 while it ran away from him after knocking over the garbage can.
  • Upon waking up from his sleep in episode 39, Bobby found a strange ladder leading up to the second floor of the house. He stood under the ladder for a few seconds and listened to the extreme groaning noises coming from there before heading to the basement to have a drink, extremely confused. 
  • As of episode 42, Steven and the Grim Reaper are no longer friends. 
  • Bobby was kicked out of the Horse House six times in episode 43 after continuously trying to burn the house down.  
  • Recently, ACBRadio released a song called "It's Waffles" made from episode 30.
  • Waffles got a bath for the first time in episode 45. 
  • Steve proposed to Zelda in episode 46; she said yes.
  • In episode 45, a new room to the basement was made. It includes a toilet, bathtub, a blue singular bed, and various posters. A poster of a cat dreaming about grilled cheese was purchased and placed in the room twice. Later on, Al said the poster scared him. 
  • Bobby got so electrocuted in episode 47 when he was tinkering on things in the basement that he grew hair for a short period of time. 
  • Although unintentional, all of the animals that live in the Duggart household are named after different types of food. This also includes Zelda's cats at her old household; Olive and Kim (kimchi). Up until Dakota and Pudge, this remained true.
  • Bobby formerly spent most of his time in the basement working on things like detonators and bombs to destroy the Horse House. Because the house is no longer inhabited, Bobby has now changed his interests to time traveling. 
  • Bobby became a ghostbuster in episode 46 and cleared out his first house in episode 47.
  • Bobby lived in the basement when Zelda moved in. Waffles then slept in the queen sized bed on the first floor, leaving Gumbo to sleep in Waffles' old bed, while Steven and Zelda sleep upstairs on their own. 
  • Al bought the Duggarts a giant trampoline in episode 44, which Bobby fell off of shortly after. 
  • Bobby has put his sniper rifle, ghost hunting equipment, and various other creations for display in the basement of the house. 
  • Bobby began inventing things in the basement, his usual residence in the house, in episode 45.
  • Al bought a fireman's pole in episode 44 as a means get from the first floor to the basement and wants to make it the only way to get to the basement.
  • In episode 49, Bobby had a very aggressive pillow fight outside of the Horse House with the owner of the house, Mikel. 
  • Steven believes that there is an evil clown living in the basement, which is why he avoids going down there.
  • Bobby conspired with the new Magic Mirror in the living room in episode 51 on different ways to kill Doug, his enemy. 
  • Zelda watched as a zombie tore up Bobby's garden in episode 50. 
  • Gumbo fearlessly approached the zombie tearing up the garden in episode 50 and sniffed it's body before walking away shortly after, deciding that he smelled like shit. 
  • Steven got rejected by Zelda after asking if she wanted to get married at their marriage party, which greatly upset him. 
  • Waffles jumped through the wall in episode 51 to sleep on Bobby's bed in the basement.
  • In a desperate attempt to destroy the Horse House in episode 51, Bobby used his new detonation skills and planted a bomb on the refrigerator that didn't detonate. Confused, Bobby walked over to check out what was wrong, and in the process, accidentally set off it and exploded himself, which singed his clothes and body. Doug kicked him out of the house after he blew up their toilet. This brought Bobby's attempts to destroy the Horse House up to four.
  • Bobby has been in close vicinity to explosions approximately three times; each time causing him to grow hair.
  • Waffles played ball with a mysterious slut-fairy outside in the front yard in episode 52. 
  • Bobby lost a fight against another man in an attempt to defend his woman crush, Sandi French, in episode 53. This man turned out to be her boyfriend, Christopher Steel.
  • Harold appeared as a ghost in episode 55 to workout using the exercise machine in the basement.
  • Bobby danced with a fairy, Ethan Bunch, at Steven's bachelor party in episode 57.
  • Bobby managed to create a mining machine in episode 57 and proceeded to use device to dig in the backyard. He woke up his neighbors Sam Sekemoto, Pauline Wan, and Steven.
  • In episode 60, Al purchased a new robotic family member named Tomas Duggart.
  • Al later translated Tomas's name in Japanese and got Mageru, so he named him that and added on the 5000 100. 
  • Al turned the basement of the house into "a Dog Hotel" in episode 61.
  • Waffles and Pudge both share a dislike of cake.
  • Al constantly reassured his viewers that Harold Duggart WILL be resurrected, but then again, he also assured us that he'd make a 500th subscriber video, both of which have yet to be done. Although technically did bring Harold back, but the one that came back was a replicant/clone, and not the real Harold that lived with the Duggarts before his death in episode 25.
  • Bobby uses a Native American outfit as his formal attire.
  • Steven was excluded from Zelda's bachelorette party in episode 64; being sent to a restaurant to eat alone.
  • One of Steven and Zelda's common interests is jumping on the family trampoline. They do this very often.
  • Bobby wishes to become a werewolf. He has tried and failed two times.
  • In episode 68, Zelda and Steven exchanged rings privately and finally became married in an attempt to make a baby. Al later found out that "Try For Baby" is not available for Elders, even though a normal WooHoo is.
  • In episode 69 it was revealed that the replicate Harold once (or occasionally) beat(s) up the young replicate Bobby.
  • In episode 85, Bobby was asked on a date by Debbie Camacho even though she's married. He went on the date and watched Debbie burn in the sun while there.
  • Kimmy is currently the youngest human adult in the household, being even younger than Bobby. This is weird, considering the fact that she was a young adult when Bobby was still a child and still remains as one today. 
  •  Mageru's name is the Japanese translation of "to twist" or "twister" (Bender in Japanese sounds like "Benda" so he went with twist instead).
  • Bobby is the only Duggart to have been in all four generations.
  • Robbie is the first baby of the Duggarts. 
  • In episode 91, it is revealed that Bobby committed genocide against millions of people who owned cheeseburgers in the Great Cheeseburger War of 2023.
  • While Emit Relevart, the time traveling man, was in the Duggart household in episode 91, both Harold and Kimmy were interested in what the future was like. Harold asked if there was llama porn there, while Kimmy asked if it rained chocolate and if the sun was made of pancakes. Emit yelled, wishing that people would stop asking about chocolate rain.
  • During Bobby's time in the future, he quickly grew to hate robots, even going so far as to power down one at the Robot-Store and murdering one at the back of the local community center. It can be assumed that he still likes Mageru, however. 
  • It is unknown how Kimmy was able to find out that Bobby was cheating on her, as he was in the future. Although, it's possible that she used Bobby's time machine, that was in the basement, and spied on him, or a time traveler could have gone to the past and told her about Bobby's infidelity. Or, maybe Kimmy just found out about Bobby's other love interests in the present.
  • In episode 98, Al sold Bobby's old time machine.
  • Al considered killing Oscar between episodes 100-102, as he was persistently bothering Gumbo. He decided that if he could not fix the problem, he would have to shoot him like he did Kimmy. After adjusting his trait chips however, he seems to have fixed the problem. 
  • When Al was taking a break from the Duggarts, he decided to start playing with the Cop Family as a temporary substitute.
  • In Episode 104, Replicant Bobby became a teenager.
  • In episode 105, Al revealed that the house was built over an ancient cemetery, although this makes sense as Kimmy's grave is under the house.
  • In episode 106, Al scrapped Kimmy's unfinished painting.
  • In episode 109, a homeless man in the future read Robbie to sleep, where he then kissed Robbie and laughed creepily, showing the first signs of Robbie's gerontophilia.
  • Gumbo and Waffles may have killed a man and went to the animal park to hide the body.
  • In episode 113 it was revealed that Kimmy's sister, Judy Koal, still lives in town.
  • Waffles is the first animal in the Duggart household to die.
  • In episode 116, a stray cat infiltrated the Duggart household. Upon revealing itself as one of the cyborg Submarine Cats, Robbie fled the house for safety.
  • Bobby, along with several other members of the fraternity, were almost burnt to death twice when the "stoner grandpa" of the house tried to cook without any prior knowledge of how to do so. Sadly, no one died.
  • Bobby was in mourning because a horse he had apparently known and befriended named Wild Horse had died.
  • It was revealed by Zelda in episode 126 that Steven was bitter about being kicked out of the house and that they were always wondering why it had happened. Bobby didn't seem to care.
  • Robbie has had a very traumatizing life, as his mother was divorced and killed while he was a baby, his two dogs died right in front of him, and his father died in a fire at his birthday party.
  • Episodes 126-128 are regarded as "Episodes of Death". It is named as such because of the overwhelming amount of people in Al's town who die and the amount of Duggarts who die in a single week, the total amount of Duggart deaths being three (Bobby, Pudge, and Steven). Countless other sims in the town die throughout the episode.
  • As of episode 128, all of the sims considered original Duggarts (Bobby, Steven, Harold, and Waffles) are deceased.
  • In episode 132, "the Queen of England", Holly Alto, said that Devil Bobby "smells like afterlife."
  • In episode 136, Judy Koal, Kimmy's sister, died of old age. In episode 137, Judy's twin brother, Jody "Pig-Face" Koal, also died of old age.
  • In episode 137, Reid Durham, one of Bobby's friends from college, died of natural causes.
  • Episodes 136-137 are also regarded as "Episodes of Death" due to large number of people in the town who died and Robbie's double murders. 
  • Beginning in episode 140, Al began a quest to murder the remaining Duggart family members so that he can convert them over to the Sims 4 when it is released.
  • In episode 142, during the fire from Robbie's birthday cake, Reggie Taters burnt to death, which caused a scorched Al Lifer to sob in the upstairs bathroom.
  • In episode 142, Dancer is shown to have the ability to teleport. It is possible that Dancer used the same method as Kimmy.
  • In episode 46 of the Cop series, an old women revealed that an age-accelerating plague has struck their town, Appaloosa Plains. This could very well be the cause of Sunset Valley's many subsequent deaths, as this plague could have struck the town several times. In episode 144 of the Duggart series it was revealed that this plague was dubbed "The Great Plague".
  • Jody Koal, who was thought to be dead with the rest of the family, appeared at a riot in front of city hall, protesting the Loch Ness monster in The Sims with Al! - Todd Bacon - Part 1
  • Al plays as Kimmy's family, the Koals, in The Sims with With Al! - Todd Bacon - Part 2, where he attempts to kill the remaining members.
    • In the same episode, it was confirmed that the Koals were indeed inbreds.
  • Due to Al creating multiple paradoxes by time traveling, there are many alternate reality versions of Bobby roaming the town, including Future Bobby, Elderly Bobby, Young Bobby, and even Alien Bobby.
  • Sadly, Bobby never completed his goal of making a cheese-burger army.
  • Al assumed that the "Ask to Turn" option on Harold was to get Harold to go into the afterlife, though it was to make Bobby a vampire.
  • Pudge was once hit by a car, but was unharmed. In fact, Pudge didn't even notice.
  • Gumbo appears to be an evil cat. He has insisted on attacking many people, and has placed tons of death wishes on the other Duggarts.
  • Gumbo may be French.
  • Horses hate Bobby.
  • Mageru and Oscar's Sims 4 counterparts both make their appearance in Kid House (Sims 4).