Deer snapshot
The Deer is a deer that appears in Al's The Sims 3 playthrough. He searches the land for a chicken leg but has yet to find one. He enjoys prancing around the town and running through the walls of the Duggart house, easily passing through them like a ghost.


It is speculated that the deer may be working in correspondence with Solid Waffles or the Submarine Cats, which would explain why he visits the Duggart household. This would also explain why he was being chased by the mailman.

He has not been seen for many episodes recently, although he may have just finally found his chicken and moved on.


  • He has entered the Duggart household 3 times.
  • He does not walk, he moves by hopping.
  • He hates eating grass like a normal deer. Instead, he loves eating chicken, although they are a rarity in the world The Deer lives in.
  • He was once chased by a mailman, who was being chased by Waffles.
  • He can pass through walls with ease.

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