The Cop Family is a family created by Al in the game The Sims 3 living in Appaloosa Plains. They were inspired by a question Al received during Real Life Friends. He plays as this family during The Sims with Al! - Depressed Cop Edition - Part 1, as he is taking a short break from the Duggart Family, although does not plan on replacing them. The family is now deceased, although has returned in the Sims 4 as The Cop Family (Sims 4).

Former MembersEdit

  • Jims
    Jimmy Cop

Jimmy Cop is, as his name implies, a former cop and a Private Investigator at the beginning of his career and an adult sim. He has the traits Workaholic, Brooding, Perceptive, Dislikes Children, and Grumpy. He seems to dislike his son due to his Dislikes Children trait, although he puts up with him. He also likes to sit around and consider the hollowness of life. He joins the Investigator career in the first episode and takes his first case from a client. While at his client's place of work, he played chess by himself and offered makeovers to several ugly ladies while there. After these events, he went to the house of the woman he was told to investigate by digging through their garbage and found incriminating evidence. In episode 2, he performed a stake-out at the local Horse Stadium, although he was almost caught by local passersby while camouflaged. After running to the same house where he dug through the garbage, he looked through their mail and returned what evidence he found to his client, solving his first case. He was promoted at his job in episode 3, and was given a magnifying glass to further his investigations. In episode 7, the stove in the house caught on fire and almost burnt the house down. It is revealed that a cat named Mr. Blisters started the fire; trying to kill Jimmy Cop and was the one responsible for the death of Jimmy's wife. Later, Jimmy found a baby yellow python and adopted him; buying a snake terrarium for him to live in. In the same episode, he was given an award at City Hall for solving 3 cases as an investigator. After this, he went to go sleep on a park bench. In episode 9, he was given a free vacation and left Donny alone in the house. Before Donny was able to throw his tiny party, however, he returned home early, ruining Donny's plans. In episode 17, Jimmy's pet snake died. In the same episode, after raking up some leaves, he decided to set the pile on fire. The fire grew too large however and soon spread to the point where his neighbors came over and tried to help him extinguish it. In the chaos, Jimmy had a near-death experience when he got caught on fire and had to extinguish himself. In this confusion, a random woman attempting to put out the fire, Juanita Blanco, burned to death, which caused the Grim Reaper to appear and take her soul away, leaving her ashes in the yard. In episode 18, he decided to explore the mausoleum, although while inside he was mauled by a bear and may now never be able to enter the mausoleum again due to his fear. In episode 20, upon asking Maisy Miller on a date, he fell under a Lunatic Embrace and ran home in strange clothing. In episode 23, him and Donny took a vacation to China. While there, he tried learning karate and failed quite horribly, as he is weak and feeble. In episode 25, he got stranded at a family reunion for another group of people and awkwardly drank the entire night. In episode 28, he aged into an elder inside of the bathroom, alone. In episode 29, he morphed into a zombie and wanted to eat brains, but instead, went to bed. In episode 30, his zombified state expired and he returned to normal. In episode 33, Jimmy beat up a credit card thief in front of the paparazzi in order to embarrass her. In episode 35, he challenged The C.I.A by buying a Colored Popsicle. He felt ill afterwards. In episode 40, after taking a shit, Jimmy died of old age in the bathroom. Al lost his urn somewhere in the room. He reappeared as a ghost in episode 44, and just like Harold Duggart, he seemed to have acquired a laptop in the afterlife.

R.I.P. Jimmy Cop

Episode 1-40

  • Donny Cop

    Donny as an adult.

Donny Cop was a child sim, but has aged into an elder and is Jimmy's son. He has the traits Absent Minded, Excitable, Childish, Clumsy, and Handy. He likes watermelons and enjoys reading books and pretending to be a prince in the house while "presiding" over his court at the dining table. He also likes to plant traps around the house to prank his dad. Currently, his friends are Ethan Parrott, Benni Hennessey, and Dakota Fox. In episode two, while his father was away on casework, he logged into an adult chat-room and began conversing with tons of different women. He went to school for the first time in the same episode, although he didn't make any friends while there. In episode 3, Donny was kicked out of the only bed in the house by Jimmy and was forced to sleep on the living room floor in a sleeping bag. He refused to go to school the day of the field-trip he had been dreaming of in episode 4, preferring to stay inside to pretend to be a king, at least until his father lectured him about what a failure he was. In episode 5, while out collecting beetles, Donny befriended a crow and adopted that crow into the family. In episode 6, he revealed to Ethan that he had no penis, being that a doctor once accidentally cut it off. Later in the episode, he aged into a teenager at a birthday where his dad, Ethan, and Ethan's dad were the only ones at his party. In episode 9, he was arrested by the police for being out past his curfew and was taken home shortly after. In episode 10, he arranged for a party with his only friends, Ethan and Cruz Martingale, but they didn't come. Enraged, he purchased a pistol and shot the pizza delivery woman, only to discover that she was bulletproof. In episode 12 he attended his school prom wearing a tuxedo and a beanie hat, where he was then humiliated after a failed attempt at picking on a nerd, who then proceeded to beat him up. It is revealed his favorite song is a Taylor Swift remix of Who Let the Dogs Out. In episode 14 he witnesses a man named Enrique Pelly physically assault a woman in an art gallery. Donny lept into action, and promptly got his ass kicked by Enrique. He declared Enrique a nemesis, and went home to plan his revenge. In episode 15, Donny began learning how to drive with Jimmy's instructions in the world's biggest car, according to Al. He officially learned how to drive in episode 18. He also decided on a Lifetime Wish; wanting to become The Tinkerer. In episode 19, Donny finally threw his teen party, where Ethan, Ethan's brother Omari, and Benni Hennessey were the guests. It was declared as an epic party despite very little happening. In episode 20, due to his Nerd Influence, Donny got the ability to communicate telepathically. In episode 23, him and his dad went on a vacation to China. Upon arriving, he wished to go home. There, in episode 24, Donny went treasure hunting in an ancient Chinese tomb and found gemstones, ancient golden coins and relics, most of which, with the exception of the relic which he gave to a local, he smuggled back home. In episode 27, Donny threw a birthday party and aged up into a young adult, where he decided he now wanted to consume everything. In episode 28, at his graduation, Donny was voted Most Likely to Burn Down Their Own House. In the same episode, he missed his father's birthday and later befriended an alien. In episode 30, he grouped up with Michelle Hopkins and went out to the local eatery before observing her dive into garbage. The group had a fantastic time. He took a three day trip to China in episode 33 to try and diffuse the apparent riddle war occurring there. Upon arriving, he met two businessmen and quickly began trying to solve the riddles presented to him. He finished within about five minutes. In episode 34, Donny went on another mission; this time into a secret underground ruin deep within China. He dug for relics and collected ancient coins while there, although soon got tired and hungry and ended up leaving before he finished his exploration. In episode 35, Donny went to the public library and flirted with a fellow celebutante, Irene Funke, while he was flirting, he had pictures taken of him and Irene by the paparazzi; Hiller Flint and his coworker, Christal Judd. In episode 37, a rumor was spread around that he was fighting with another sim and wondered who would do such a thing. He later hosted a Feast Party for Spooky Day, in which he was upstaged by the sim of Al, who played guitar. In episode 38, he was invited to Gracie Loveland's party. Although he attends, he is soon kicked out for no reason and it is revealed that the reason is because Gracie believes he is lame. Angered, Donny returns to the house with a pistol and shoots her, allowing The Grim Reaper to take her soul before running home. In episode 39, Donny lost a considerable amount of weight and Al decided he had finally become a respectable member of society. Throughout episodes 41 and 42, Donny was invited to numerous amounts of parties; so many that he was regarded as a high-ranking celebrity. In episode 45, he aged into an elder sim at the local park where several casualties had occurred earlier. In episode 46, Donny finally lost his virginity at age 80, to his first ever girlfriend Sheri Bedlington. In episode 47, the final episode, Al locks him and his newly acquired girlfriend, Sheri, in the basement and fills it with chairs. He commands Donny to shoot an explosive bullet at one of the chairs, setting the room on fire. The fire fails at killing the two, although Donny dies several hours later from a heart attack (according to Al), effectively ending the series.

R.I.P. Donny Cop

Episode 1-47


  • In episode 3 Jimmy states that his wife died while bungee jumping into a volcano. 
  • Jimmy likes to believe that the entire world is a computer simulation and that his whole life isn't real.
  • There is only one bed in the house the Cop Family lives in, forcing Donny and Jimmy to share a bed.
  • Jimmy's hair turned blue due to one of Donny's Pranks.
  • Just like with the Duggarts, The C.I.A. also appears to spy to the Cop family.
  • While training at the Police Academy, Jimmy apparently learned how to camouflage himself anywhere.
  • Donny goes to sleep wearing a toga.
  • Jimmy was originally named Jeff.
  • There is a fan theory going around on these sets of videos, saying that Jimmy was the cop that arrested Bobby Duggart for the murder of Abraham Finkel. However, in an act of revenge, Bobby killed his maid and Jimmy's wife, Mara Cavender. As a result the C.I.A put him and his son into Witness protection, changed their identities, and relocated them into a new town. This theory was debunked when it was revealed that Mr. Blisters was the one who killed Jimmy's wife. However, Mr. Blisters and his League of Evil Pets may be working with Bobby Duggart because Jimmy Cop may actually be the police officer that once arrested Bobby Duggart.
  • For some reason, when Donny aged into a teenager, he began wearing his hair in corn-rows but only while showering.
  • The teenage population of their town is approximately 10, 9 of which are guys.
  • Donny was named douche-bag of the year at prom.
  • It was revealed that in episode 15, Donny's pet crow flew away from the house and went back into nature. It may have also died.
  • In episode 17, Jimmy's beloved pet snake died, leading to yet more brooding and depression. 
  • The barn in the town's horse ranch is often used as a drug den and meeting place by the townspeople. 
  • In Episode 46 it was revealed by "Old Paris Hilton" that the town was struck by an age-accelerating plague, resulting in many deaths. The same plague has also struck Sunset Valley, the Duggarts' hometown, a total of approximately 3 times, though the first two outbreaks managed to be contained. In episode 144 of the Duggart series it was revealed that this plague was dubbed "The Great Plague".
  • Donny has a genetic disorder in which he can only move by tip-toeing. This was inherited sometime after Jimmy grounded him and Donny "snuck out" to go to school (episode 17).
  • Before Jimmy's long overdue funeral, Donny expressed gratitude to his Ghost Father for working so hard to provide for him and putting up with his bullshit. Jimmy (predictably) responded with annoyance and hatred, though Donny didn't mind.
  • Throughout the final episodes, Daiyu Shin Yi, an old friend of the family's from China took on the role of Donny's housekeeper, and remained at the house for years until Donny's death. It is unknown if she was hired or simply did this out of kindness.

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