The Combine is an intergalactic empire that took over Earth after
the Resonance Cascade. They stomped on the planet's worldwide government in seven hours, and began enslaving humanity and draining the Earth's resources. 

The Resistance fought the Combine, in hopes of taking back their planet. 

Equipment and government Edit

The Combine's military force is made up of brainwashed humans, called the "Overwatch". Overwatch soldiers are highly trained in military tactics and fighting, wearing gas masks and thick armor. They wield grenades, SMGs, and AR2s. Elite soldiers wear white, stronger armor and only wield AR2s.

The Combine's police force is made up of humans who voluntarily join, lacking the brainwashing of Overwatch, called the metropolice. They wore lighter and less powerful armor than the Overwatch, and usually used stun batons or pistols. 

The Combine government is very strict on citizens, forcing them to eat daily rations and possibly drugged water. Citizens are often punished with either death, or becoming a stalker. The Combine also paste propaganda around City 17, to reassure citizens that the Combine are here to "help", and to possibly recruit metropolice. 

Appearances Edit

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