Birthday Brigade
"Birthday Brigade!" -AlChestBreach

Original Mod


First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Freeside Redone - 3

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: An Anatomy of Disaster - Part 1


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The Birthday Brigade (or later The Party Patrol) are referred to groups of friendly legionary assassins that accompanies Al. They are one of the first of Al's companions that are actually part of the legion, if not the first, despite Al and the Legion being enemies.

Origins Edit

Nobody knows where they came from or why they pledge allegiance to Al instead of Caesar but they are loyal to Al and will die for him. They attack anyone that is hostile to Al, even Caesar's Legion.

Appearances Edit

The First group first appeared in New Vegas Mods: Freeside Redone - 3 when their leader died, not knowing what to do, they decided to join Al. They later died.

The second group first appeared in New Vegas Mods: The Hunt - Part 1. It was possible they heard of Al's adventures and deserted the Legion. When they arrived to Al, he was in the middle of a fight with a giant Cazador, they joined him and defeated the Cazador. Later on, they had an encounter with another group of legionary assassins, they fought with them and the 4th member of the group, "Johnny", was wounded, Al patched up his "asshole". They all died yet again in an encounter with Mirelurks in the second episode.

A third group later appeared in in New Vegas Mods: Bonnie Springs Rebuilt - 2. Friendly and before Al kill a hobo he said "See that? The Birthday Brigade doesn't listen to you. They listen to me" and then they raided Cottonwood cove to which he doubted a explorer for not wearing a birthday hat (though he was the only one that didn't wore one in the beginning).

The once thought disbanded Birthday Brigade/Party Patrol was reformed as officially the Birthday Brigade in New Vegas Mods: An Anatomy of Disaster - Part 1. However, the reformed Birthday Brigade is hostile to Al. Upon inspection, it's turned out that they are pretty much Al's clones. It's possible that this is the work of Business Radroaches. They make regular appearances now.

Members Edit

  • Sleek - Killed in Calville Bay by Cazadores.
  • Slam - Killed by a car that was shot by Al and was buried on top of the car.
  • Dan - Died in the fighting inside the bunker before it was even opened. Tossed aside by Al.
  • Johnny - Died in a cave on the hunt for the Queen Mirelurk. Didn't get a chance to receive his honorary birthday hat.
  • Three other lookalikes of the Party Patrol and was called the Birthday Brigade.
  • Four new members, three of them have party hats and one didn't remove his. Al didn't trust him but they're the first ones that lived.

Trivia Edit

  • They all died in Freeside Redone but a new group called the Birthday Brigade appeared in The Hunt in which they were briefly referred to as the Party Patrol after Al forgot their name.
  • Sleek, Slam and Dan are the first ever members of the Birthday Brigade and were the first ones to die.
  • Al Gave the first Birthday Brigade birthday hats but the new ones died before they got the chance.
  • A 4th member pledge allegiance to Al in the hunt, Al nicknamed him "Johnny, the one who broke his leg off".
  • Sleek was indirectly mentioned in New Vegas Mods: Open Water - 1.
  • Al would mispronounce "brigade" as "brigrade".
  • They have a mod that adds them called The Terrifying Birthday Brigade - AlChestBreach Legionary Assassins. Two brigades were reported as of New Vegas Mods: An Anatomy of Disaster - Part 1, distinguished by singing a small birthday song before attacking.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 1, Crier Breach obtained a suit of power armor called MoleRat King's Armor from someone called The Mole Rat man. Upon equipping it, three mole rats named Sleek, Slam, and Dan were spawned as companions, referencing the first Birthday Brigade.
  • They have a cameo in New Vegas Mods: Big Trouble in Little Goodsprings - Part 6, where they give Crier a bunch of crack and keep telling him happy birthday, even though it isn't his birthday. They then soon follow him around, although he ends up killing them at the end of the mod review.