The Badge was a Police Protectron that was created alongside Clamps in a livestream.

Origin Edit

Al built him and Clamps in Starlight Drive-in and recruited them as companions for a livestream.

Appearances Edit

The Badge, Clamps and Ringo the Flamingo were accompanying Al on the way to General Atomics Galleria when they were ambushed in the Rotten Landfill. He went missing while Clamps died. It is unknown if he died and his body was hidden or he fled from the area.

The Badge was cloned in Stream - Fallout 4 - Go West... Eventually and once again accompanied Al with Clamps and two Lt. Gutsies. He later died in a car explosion while going west. Al carried his body throughout the journey as he did with Clamps in their first appearance. He left his body as they were attacked by raiders when one Lt. Gutsy died and the other went missing.