Right after Al blows up one of the tantrum, he starts scatting randomly.



Television, (Doo doop doop dap dow)


Television, (Be no me ma mwow)


Television, goin' through this door!




Television, don't you know about me man?

I'm the man with the fryin' pan!

Show your things I can do hey!

Look at this I'm eatin' hay!

I rhymed hey with hay!

That is not, a good thing to do!

I rhymed hey with hay! (Boo boo)

Hello fine gentle-men!

You've got claws that cut the meat,

Put that stake inside my feet!

Chew it up with all my toes,

Look at all these ho-o-bos!

Kill them, (Boo doop boop boo!)


General Gunther: How goes the struggle? Bill: Pretty good there aren't any hobos, so I can't complain.

Rockwell Pursuit Part 22

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