The Tech Raiders are an incredibly powerful tribe of raiders that originated and are based in the Mojave. Though these raiders share many of the same ideals and practices that the rest of the raider tribes do, the Tech Raiders have a keen interest in salvaging and using technology, particular energy weaponry and power armor, to help them to their evil ends. While they are certainly not the only raider tribe that is based in Mojave, they are by far the most powerful and organized. Tech raiders most often use energy weapons and are frequently found using some type of powered armor.


  • When Al first came in contact with the Tech Raiders in the New Vegas Playthrough, they shot him on sight after he revealed that Nexus mods could not go on their Xboxes. 
  • Many Tech Raiders can be seen wearing explosive collars that are used by the Brotherhood Of Steel on outsiders.
  • Some spawn point's in alternate start conflict with AWOP due to Tech Raiders spawning in some starting area's, causing new characters too get the living hell beat out of them.

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