Private Tanya Bagorshka is Al's character for the 2015 continuation of his DayZ series. She first appears in DayZ Co-op - Tanya Bagorshka!.


Tanya was spontaneously named by Al during a Co-op session with George. Upon naming her, Al makes it Tanya's primary objective to reunite with her senior commander, Corporal George Brorpkal. Driving her almost to starvation, Tanya finally meets up with George who immediately force feeds her bacon. Several hours later, the two meet up with another survivor whom attacks Tanya and George after she offers to give away an empty water bottle. The fight left the attacker unconscious and Tanya bleeding. Before George can heal Tanya's wounds, his game crashes and Tanya dies from blood loss.


After Tanya's death, she was reincarnated in DayZ Co-op - Reincarnation into an Indian man who was almost immediately killed by an unseen gunman, who them reincarnated back into Tanya until Al's game crashed, who them reincarnated into a random Caucasian man attracted by male genitalia. The caucasian man entering a nearby building, picked up an axe and murdered another survivor, revealing the man actually be Axe Man. While running through a town full of naked people, Axe Man got shot in the leg by another gunman and retreated to a building full of loot that oddly had no bandages or tear-able clothing to heal the wound. Before bleeding out, Axe Man resigned his fate and committed suicide with a gun he had found.


  • Tanya's weapon of choice is the cattle prod.
  • Conversation between Tanya and George may imply the two have a intimate relationship.
  • Tanya and George are both members of Goose Team.
  • According to Tanya, she didn't die from blood loss from her wounds, but rather from lethal and rather extreme menstruation.
  • She is the second female character in Al's DayZ series, the first being Indian Wife.

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