Tabitha is a Saurolophus dinosaur and is one of Al's lady friends. She first appears in Misc. Monday - Trespasser - Part 4.


Al first meets Tabitha after jumping off of a cliff and into a shallow pond. She is surrounded by three carnivores and is trying to fend them off. Al jumps in to an abandoned army truck with a minigun and uses it to kill all of the dangerous dinosaurs that surround her. 

In return for saving her, she showed Al where fuel barrels were and then went off to defend Al against more velociraptors while he looked around for guns. He then ditched Tabitha after finding a "Mach 10 9.5 Alpha Build". It is unknown if Al will be able to find her again. 


  • She enjoys stepping on dead dinosaur bodies. 
  • Tabitha was entrusted to load up the fuel barrels into the abandon truck, but since she is a dinosaur and has very tiny arms, she could not complete Al's request. 
  • She gave Al a high five with her little baby arms.

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