Sylvester the Sentry Turret
Sylvester at his post.

Original Mod

Deployable sentry turret




Sentry Turret

First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Crusade - Part 2

Latest Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Crusade - Part 2


Gun Runners (Creator)


  • Cult members




Temporary Companions

Sylvester is a deployable sentry turret that Al purchased from Gun Runners to help aid him in defending Betty and the cartel whores from the cults attempting to kill them.

Origins Edit

Sylvester (originally called Sentry Turret) was apparently purchased from Gun Runners after Al installed the mod that made him available in between the first and second videos.

Sylvester was an ordinary Sentry Turret that Al deployed to help hold back the impending waves of cult members, cultist dogs, and suicide bombers as part of the mission. However, after Sylvester proved his worth and survived the first wave, Al gave him tons of kisses and then used console commands to rename him "Sylvester".

He didn't die a single time during the video, but eventually after the game crashed so many times, his name got erased and he was just called "Sentry Turret" again. By the time Al noticed, he had already beaten that portion of the mission and got too lazy to rename him.

After Al finally made it through the waves without being killed or having a game crash, he collected Sylvester, who came in a little box that had to be dropped to deploy.

He also came with three settings as well: easy, medium, and hard. Al had him set to easy so that he wouldn't go on a killing spree, as he apparently got into a mishap at Gun Runners where he murdered everybody.

He was very good at his job, but technically wasn't a companion, as he has no companion wheel or dialogue, and is completely immobile aside from a 360° rotational axis. Despite this, he defended the siege better than most of Al's other companions altogether.

He is currently in an inactive box state and Al may be currently storing him someplace.

Trivia Edit

  • When he was first deployed, A.J. wouldn't stop running into him.
  • Al saved before placing him out of fear he would massacre the whores.
  • Mrs. Butter Balms' trailer was right behind him.
  • Al also placed frag mines around the perimeter of the area for good measure.
  • The strange glitch of a dark person with long bendy limbs that spasm-danced around the sky, nicknamed "slenderman" flew right over Sylvester.
  • Sylvester was placed on the right side of the whore camp.

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