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Stooby Gacks is a mini-series in Al's Minecraft videos in which he flies around trying to spy on people and give them random gifts while they are not looking.

His character: Stooby Gacks is on a safari observing the people on The Dream Team's server. He will try his hardest to escape if you find and run to him, but he always seems to get caught, even though he can fly, much to his dismay.


  • He will also give up gifts if you catch or corner him. He is also known for going into houses and leaving items in peoples storage chests.
  • He once added a "shitty bathroom" out of dirt to a house he randomly found.
  • Al said he will have a Stooby Gacks: Gooby Gold treasure hunt in which he places equipment in a chest somewhere in the world.
  • Al, throughout the video, says his character: Stooby Gacks name wrong because he can't remember the name as it is "so goofy".
  • A person has reserved "Stooby Gacks" as an XBox Live gamertag.