Steeve is Steve's rather larger cousin who randomly visits Al and his companions. His first appearance where he was mayor of a town was in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Steeve City!

Origin Edit

The first video sees Steeve as mayor of a small town just above North Vegas. The town population seems to be made up mostly of clones. Steve and Steeve have had bad blood over the years due to Steve having a complex that his cousin was better than him due to his size. Although, after Al forced them to talk things out, they resolved their conflict.

Appearances Edit

Steeve has visited after that in a brief appearance in Nipton Rebuilt. This is not to be confused with Steve's uncle who appeared in War Trash part 1.

Trivia Edit

  • Steeve, much like his cousin, enjoys showing his ass to just about anyone.
  • Al was key to reuniting the two radroaches, giving Steeve some good advice on how to make up with his cousin.
  • It is unknown why there are so many clones around his town.
  • According to tocooldude - the mod author of Alchestbreachs companion Steves City- , Steeve impersonated his cousin and called himself Steve.

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