Stanley in Project: Ascension

Original Mod

Project Ascension





First Appearance

New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 2

Last Appearance

New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 3







Business Radroaches (Formerly)

Stanley was a Business Radroach working on their cloning department.

Origin Edit

In Crier Breach's first mod review - Project Ascension - he was tasked to scout a Derelict Building near Monte Carlo Suites for raiders. Stanley was among the Radroaches in the Derelict Building and was working at a desk that time. Crier Breach killed him because he wasn't part of the Business Radroaches

Appearances Edit

He appears in New Vegas Mods: Project Ascension - Part 2 and New Vegas Mods: BlackWater - Part 2 in which in his latter appearance, he was working with the Business Radroaches. Crier was going through some Ghoulified Radiers in the BlackWater Metro sewers and found a secret lab with several RadioHeads and Stanley himself. When Crier got too close to the lab, Stanley locked him and a RadioHead (by accident) out.

He was later revealed as a traitor in New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 1 where he ambushes Crier T811B with mercenaries. Later, Crier is led to the rebel headquarters where Stanley was keeping Janet and A.J. The two fled and Stanley was killed.

Trivia Edit

  • Inside his lab, there is a clone of Crazy Kevin, Crier's companion for the BlackWater mod.

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