Stabby is a member of The Dark Brotherhood that Al first meets in his review of the Dark Brotherhood Resurrection mod. He joins Al as a temporary companion and follows him to help him stab people.


Stabby first meets Al in the group's hideout, talking to him about his passion for stabbing things and people. He shares the story of how his family didn't appreciate his ability of stabbing people, and ran away from his home as a result. He found The Brotherhood several months ago and because of their interest in his skills, he joined them. Al asks him to join him on his adventure and he accepts.

After joining Al, he sends him a quest to kill a Captain and retrieve his treasure. After doing so, he sends Al on a few more killing contracts and collects the gold from all of them, sharing it among The Brotherhood. When the two return to The Brotherhood's base, they find that the place is under attack by assassin's. After killing all of them, Averna tells them that Al and Stabby have probably killed someone who has a lot of resources and now they want revenge. Stabby then leaves Al and tells him to meet him at midnight so they can discuss what to do.

Al meets Stabby as he's told to do and work together to come up with an assassination plan against a bunch of wealthy and powerful dragon-worshipping merchants. After properly executing all of the assassinations, Stabby decides to continue to follow Al around while he completes the other quests The Dark Brotherhood want him to do.


Eventually, Stabby shares with Al his ability to teleport Al to certain places around Skyrim. Al finds this useful and uses it to warp to places where he has to battle enemies. Stabby will also teleport them to a place he calls his "Happy Place" whenever Al is about to die. Though initially annoyed by this, Al soon realised why Stabby did it, and thought the feature was cool.

He is mainly a melee weapon user and uses a one-handed sword. It is what suits him best given his name "Stabby".


  • He used to be a respectable lad like Al, until he stabbed someone in the knee. 
  • Stabby seems to be extremely interested in the money that attributes from stabbing people, probably part of the reason he likes to stab others so much. 
  • He likes to call Al "the listener". 
  • Stabby helped Al take down both a dragon and a mother frost troll.
  • He grew up in Anvil, but ran away after her brutally stabbed his neighbors. 
  • He appears to have a slight crush on Al, given his speech pattern and the way he presents himself when Al is in his presence. 
  • It was not originally Al's intention to obtain Stabby as a companion. He only acquired Stabby because the game read Al's mouse click wrong and picked the wrong option, which asked Stabby to join him on his adventure. 

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