Spot is a German Shepard dog and a temporary companion Al retrieved from an old trailer in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Chopper Cops - Part 4


Al first hears word about Spot through a tranmission from the Chopper Cops leader while flying in his vertibird. He is told that an old man had planned on donating the dog to the team, although Spot ran off to an unknown location and it is unsure if a team on patrol has actually seen him or another dog, but Al is sent to check it out.

Upon arriving, Al runs up to the empty trailer; fighting off Power Gangers on the way. When he enters, he is instanty greeted by the animal and joins Al so he can be taken back to the Chopper Cops base. 

Once they return, Spot officially joins the Chopper Cops team, but continues to follow Al around on his own will out of the base and into the vertibird. He follows Al and his gang around until the end of the mod review. 

Section headingEdit

  • Spot is now one of Al's many best friends. 
  • Al wants Spot to help him clean up the "wasteland of poop and pee". 

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