Sparkles after Bobby has feasted on blood from her arm.

Sparkles Sanchez is a pre-made sim in the game The Sims 3. She is a minor character in Al's playthrough of the game and is a possible love interest for Bobby Duggart. Her currently known traits are Athletic, Flirty, and Eco-Friendly.


Sparkles Sanchez first appears in episode 116, where she calls and asks Bobby on a date. Unlike most others who ask him on dates however, she actually attended the date and the two meet behind the Science Facility. She attempts to warn Bobby that he may die if he doesn't find shelter soon, as he is a vampire, although he would rather converse with her instead. She then allows him to drink her blood and after, the two begin flirting. Before Bobby burns to a crisp, he runs home and leaves her at the facility.

She is invited over to Robbie's birthday party in episode 128, having aged into an elder sometime between her first appearance and this one. Upon going to get a drink, she dies unexpectedly at the house. The Grim Reaper soon came and took away her soul.

Her ghost appears in the Duggart household in episodes 138 and 139 to try and flirt with Harold and Demon Bobby. Her advances are rejected however, and she soon loses interest in both ghosts because they look weird.

R.I.P Sparkles Sanchez

Episodes 116-128


  • She is not really a witch despite the witch-like appearance. She also doesn't know anything about witches, but enjoys impersonating one.
  • Her and Bobby have conflicting traits; she has Athletic and he has Couch Potato.
  • She now "lives" in the Duggart household, as that is where her tombstone is located.

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